Jennifer Morrison Helps Take ‘Once Upon A Time’ To A ‘Frozen’ New Level [Spoilers]

Jennifer Morrison made her “frozen” debut in the Season 4 debut of Once Upon a Time, bringing the live action take on Disney classics to yet another level. Morrison stars as Emma, whose position as the town sheriff makes her the default choice to take on Elsa’s (Georgina Haig) snow monsters.

Unfortunately, the new sheriff couldn’t make much of an impact against the chilly new threat to the town. The anticipation of seeing the Frozen stars in action certainly helped give the viewers the promise of a whole new level of adventure.

Veteran Jennifer Morrison told the press there is plenty of suspense to come.

“It’s definitely going to be a moment of concern for [Elsa]. I think she only has struggled emotionally, internally about what she even wants to do about having these powers in the first place. When she’s put on the spot like she was with the snow monster and she does her best in the moment, she doesn’t really know how to harness what’s inside of her.”

Apparently the snow monster is a result of Elsa’s anxieties, and Morrison says they will only get worse.

“Elsa’s fear takes over and because of that fear, we end up in a life-threatening situation. Obviously Elsa isn’t affected by the cold the same way a normal human being would be, but the cold does affect Emma, so she ends up trapped in a situation where everyone is scrambling to try to get Emma out of the potential freezing situation.”

Morrison explained that there is a scene where the producers had to choose between filming in a meat locker and adding CGI breath. It seems they decided on the more expensive route because the practical one would have kept everybody literally freezing for hours. Instead, they ended up filming on a day when it was over 100 degrees.

Jennifer Morrison also opened up on how Once Upon a Time Season 4 will continue the trend of strong female characters as it integrates the Frozen characters into it.

“I loved [‘Frozen’] as a movie. I love the story. I love that it was a story of – it’s a love story but it’s a love story between two sisters. I think that’s a beautiful thing. It’s powerful women, strong women, which is what [it’s] all about, which I think it’s great. It seems like such a natural fit for ‘Once Upon a Time’ and of course we’ll do it in our own special ‘Once Upon a Time’ style and where they kind of change it up a little bit and they fit those characters in our world and they mingle and play with our characters. Can’t wait!”

Are you looking forward to the way Jennifer Morrison’s Emma deals with Frozen‘s Elsa in Season 4 of Once Upon a Time?

[image via International Business Times]