Cloud 9 Drug Is 'Legal,' But Heart Attack Risk As Bad As Synthetic Marijuana Like K2 Or Spice

According to public health officials, the effects of the Cloud 9 are said to be far more dangerous than other synthetic marijuana like the K2 drug, which became popular several years as a potential cannabis replacement since it was originally in a legal grey zone.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, critics of Florida's medical marijuana legalization efforts are claiming that pot cookies can cause date rape. If that sounds bad, consider that in China the public supports the death penalty for drug dealers, and it's possible that Jackie Chan's son, Jaycee Chan, may face a stiff penalty since he was arrested on charges of harboring drug users and accommodating drug users, which is considered a serious offense. Meanwhile, in the United States, Christian pastors claim Jesus would end the war on drugs.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has classified synthetic cannabinoids like Cloud 9 drug into the Schedule I category of drugs, which are considered to have no medical use in addition to holding the potential for abuse. Although many states, counties, and cities throughout the United States responded to the Spice and K2 synthetic marijuana by making it illegal, since the Cloud 9 drug is still so relatively new, it's technically legal. Drug manufacturers are also producing different versions of the synthetic drug on a routine basis, making it difficult for authorities to respond.

Michigan Senator Rick Jones passed a bill in 2012 that allows the state to crack down on synthetic drugs more easily, but it's still been a hard fight even then.

"This is dangerous stuff," said Jones. "It's not something to play with. If a dangerous drug hits the street, the state police can bring in the chemicals and the board of pharmacy will meet within 10 days and declare it's illegal. If parents react. They won't do business with gas stations and convenience stores that sell this poison to our children, we can put a stop to it."

Public officials like Public Safety Director George Rouhib are saying the Cloud 9 drug effects have the potential to be dangerous.

"It has the same affects as cocaine, meth and ecstasy," said Rouhib. "A person can basically have a heart attack. They're putting drops on their tongue, or mixing drops with chewing gum candy and soft drinks."

Police say some people take the Cloud 9 drug by vaporizing it with e-cigarettes.

Health officials say the Cloud 9 drug effects can be so severe that five teenagers in the Detroit area managed to overdose on the synthetic marijuana and had to be rushed to the hospital. Besides heart attacks, the Cloud 9 drug effects can also include severe hallucinations and suicidal thoughts.