Jennifer Aniston: ‘Friends’ 20th Anniversary Dinner A Hint At Upcoming Movie Reunion?

Jennifer Aniston privately celebrated the 20th anniversary of Friends by spending an intimate time with the girls. The Cake star was recently spotted having a nice dinner at an upscale resto in West Hollywood with Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox. A few weeks ago, Aniston and the two had a mini-reunion when they reprised their former roles for a parody skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Although the concept was panned by even the biggest fans, people were just happy to see the three back together in front of the camera.

Sources for US Weekly say Aniston and the girls had a “laughter-filled dinner” at Sunset Tower last Tuesday, three days after the official anniversary date of the pilot episode of Friends. Jennifer apparently had a blast catching up with her old pals, who were nice enough to appear with her during her guesting with Kimmel. Although Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer did not show up (or weren’t invited, who knows), it seems like Aniston really enjoyed an intimate dinner with three of her closest pals.

Jennifer Aniston’s dinner party with half the gang inevitably sparked an undying rumor. Was it a hint towards a possible Friends movie reunion? Since the Kimmel skit aired a few weeks ago, fans were quick to see this as a teaser for a possible bigger project involving the sitcom. Jennifer’s night-out with Lisa and Courteney didn’t help as fans used this to fuel speculations of a Friends movie.

Facebook and Twitter were filled with reunion hopefuls, but sadly, no amount of tweets will change the facts. Aniston’s dinner party was nothing more than a celebration of the show’s anniversary. Most cast members, including Jennifer Aniston, have not expressed any desire to be involved with such a project, while Cox completely closed the idea of a movie reunion ever happening in the future. This isn’t a reason not to rejoice over the sitcom’s milestone. The actress herself made appearances on Jimmy Kimmel as part of her personal celebration, talking about how jealous she was of Jennifer’s “The Rachel” among other things.

Last Tuesday, millions of fans around the world dominated social media to post tributes to Jennifer Aniston and one of the most memorable sitcoms in history. Lisa was even nice enough to post a tweet, writing a cryptic “20 years ago…” Of course, fans understood and replied with the most heartwarming messages. Jennifer preferred to commemorate in private, enjoying a feast with two of her closest girlfriends.

Jennifer Aniston will reprise her role as Dr. Julia Harris on Horrible Bosses 2, set to open on theaters this year.

[Image from FRIENDS_WB/Flickr]