Stout-Flavored Coffee From Starbucks Called Dark Barrel Latte Tries To Taste Like Guinness Beer

A stout-flavored coffee called the Dark Barrel Latte is being tested in select markets by Starbucks and it attempts to try and taste like Guinness beer. While this approach definitely sounds interesting, so far the reviews seem mixed.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the McDonald’s free coffee promotion for 2014 was offering some free caffeine for everyone’s morning in hopes that customers would buy more breakfast items along with the free coffee. The Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is also one of those seasonal favorites everyone loves, but aren’t you a bit curious just how many calories and fat a 16 ounce cup contains?

The new Dark Barrel latte blends caramel, chocolate, and espresso to create a stout-flavored coffee, but it’s the secret sauce that gives the real flavor. According to a barista on the Starbucks subreddit, the new stout-flavored coffee contains a ‘chocolatey, stout-flavoured sauce’ that gives everyone the dosage of Guinness beer that some may enjoy in the morning.

But opinions appear divided on whether or not the stout-flavored coffee is a good idea. A BuzzFeed writer tried the stout-flavored coffee and thought it tasted “remarkably” like stout. Unfortunately, this might not be a good thing according to some Twitter users. “The dark barrel latte at Starbucks literally tastes like drinking a Guinness in the early morning…so yuck,” said Noel Woods. But others praise the stout-flavored coffee precisely because they want the flavor of beer. “This Dark Barrel Latte from Starbucks tastes just like beer & I might be in love,” tweeted Nina Amicantonio.

Unfortunately, the stout-flavored coffee is limited to test stores in a handful of sties in Ohio and Florida. Starbucks is not saying whether or not the Dark Barrel Latte will become available in the future throughout all of their stores, never mind if it will ever come to the home of the Guinness beer.