Disney Princesses Face Off In Rap Battle: See Elsa From Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Spitting Rhymes [Video]

All Disney princesses can sing, but only a few of them can throw down beats like Snow White and Elsa from Disney’s Frozen.

In a recent viral video, Disney’s first princess and the House of Mouse’s newest queen drop rhymes in an epic rap battle. Live-action Elsa will soon be coming to TV on Once Upon a Time, but there’s no singing in ABC’s fairy tale world (isn’t this Disney blasphemy?). So if you want to see a live-action Elsa singing, you’ll have to watch her eviscerate Snow White by calling her out for eating apples from strangers and waiting on princes to save her.

According to Cosmopolitan, the Disney princesses’ rap battle is the creation of singer/actress Whitney Avalon. Katja Glieson is the rapper with Elsa’s swag, and Avalon plays the lovechild of Snow White and Nicki Minaj.

The Disney princesses both have their own princess posse to back them up. Elsa’s crew is composed of newer Disney princesses; Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog and Merida from Brave. Snow White’s girls are old-school Disney royalty; Cinderella and Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

Snow White gets things started with a pretty weak rhyme about Babe Ruth, but she quickly warms up and throws a powerful punch by taking aim at Elsa’s ponytail.

“I’m the original princess / you’re a copy of a copy / I am porcelain and perfect / and your floppy hair is sloppy.”

Elsa refuses to “Let It Go,” and she insinuates that there’s something scandalous going on between Snow White and her “seven schnooks.” Snow responds with a really low blow when she mentions the death of Elsa’s parents (now that’s cold hearted!), but the princess soon learns that picking a fight with a queen who can control ice and “Snow” isn’t the best idea.

“That’s right manipulating snow / I’m the best at that game / which means that you’re under my control.”

And with that, the “blonde snow blower” shows Snow White that you can’t bring a bird voice to a rap battle.

This isn’t the first funny video about Disney princesses to go viral. According to Entertainment Weekly, last year, Jon Cozart’s “After Ever After” video became a huge YouTube hit with over 40 million views. It showed princess fans that life isn’t perfect after those fairy tale endings. According to Cozart’s song, Ariel’s mermaid friends became victims of the BP oil spill, Princess Jasmine’s Aladdin was mistaken for a terrorist, Belle was accused of bestiality by an angry mob, and a bloodthirsty Pocahontas waged war on the settlers killing her people.

Jon Cozart also did an “After Ever After 2” that gave fans an update on four more Disney princesses. Mulan got a sex change, Cinderella went insane, Tiana was the victim of an infamous hurricane, and Elsa responded to global warming by creating a snowman army and taking over the world. This would have made an awesome Once Upon a Time storyline.

Which of these viral videos about Disney princesses is your favorite?