[Breaking] Ferguson Police Officer And Civilian Shot

This is a breaking story. Updates will be added as available.

UPDATE: Police Captian Johnson is said to have denied to protesters that anyone was shot besides the police officer. Further information, and confirmation of whether the suspect was shot, will be available after press conference.

[Initial Story]

Reports say a Ferguson, Missouri police officer has been shot. The officer is alive. Another person who was shot may be the person who shot the officer.

Initial rumors of a police officer shot, a man in the woods in Ferguson with a gun, and another person shot began on Twitter at about 10:30 PM, from protesters, activists in the area, and other citizens.

At approximately 11pm, CNN has confirmed that a police officer was shot. No information on the alleged additional person shot.

Initial posts from Lost Voices, the group leading the protests, give the appearance that a person shot by the police officers was not the shooter, but a protester.

More recent information from Charles Wade, an activist with the protesters who is currently stationed near the police station (many people are apparently unable to leave and get to their homes due to roadblocks and police activity with the shootings), suggests that the civilian shot was indeed the perpetrator who shot the police officer and that the officer is injured, shot in the arm, and the assailant is dead.

Here’s what we know over here: officer shot in the arm. Suspect was on the loose for a while. Suspect then shot & killed by police #Ferguson

— Charles Wade (@akacharleswade) September 28, 2014

A large-scale protest had been planned outside the Ferguson police station for tonight, with a drum circle and as many people as could be gathered, in response to the police dismantling the Lost Voices camp yesterday.

Scene at the #Ferguson PD protest site… drummer and call and response pic.twitter.com/yE3aaC0DUZ

— Charles Wade (@akacharleswade) September 28, 2014

It’s not yet clear what the order of events was, who the alleged assailant may have been, or why he attacked police. The name of the officer who was shot has not yet been released.

It’s clear from locals’ tweets, though, that tensions remain high and that protesters aren’t looking at the scenario with a favorable view to police action:

According to Boston, the police officer was shot just before 10:30pm est.

[Photo credit: peoplesworld via photopin cc]