Kate Middleton’s Condition Is A Whole Lot Worse Than Just ‘Morning Sickness’

You may have already seen the numerous reports in the media recently relating to the acute “morning sickness” that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has been suffering from during her second pregnancy.

The reports have explained that the condition, known as hyperemesis gravidarum, has rendered Kate very poorly, and in some cases, completely debilitated.

But while most people may think that Kate Middleton’s recent cancellations of public engagements, due to the morning sickness, were a fuss about nothing, a report in The Guardian by Miriam Phillips outlines the kind of suffering Kate is likely going through.

Phillips, who suffered herself from acute hyperemesis gravidarum more than once, explained in her piece that the condition is a challenging one, and not one to be scoffed at.

“Quite frankly, the comparison of hyperemesis to morning sickness is like breaking your arm in several places and then being told you’ve just knocked your funny bone. Hopefully, this increased media attention will help the poor expectant mums, who like me, were wiped out by the condition.”

She goes on to explain that hyperemisis is a horrific and grueling condition which, in its most acute forms, can last up to 15 weeks into the pregnancy, most commonly during the first trimester.

According to Phillips, the nausea and general feeling of weakness affects only 0.3 to 1.5 percent of pregnancies, and makes it almost impossible to work and function properly daily. So it’s no surprise Kate Middleton cancelled numerous public engagements recently, including her first solo trip to Malta.

Phillips revealed that while the condition is relatively rare, the fact that Kate Middleton suffered from it when pregnant with Prince George has raised the general awareness of hyperemesis gravidarum among doctors and the public.

It is hoped by all that the Kate Middleton overcomes her battle with hyperemesis soon, and that she will be back fulfilling her duties as the Duchess of Cambridge just as soon as possible.