Did Sam Pepper Rape An 18-Year-Old Using YouTube Fame?

Sam Pepper is quickly finding out just how seriously his butt pinching videos have damaged his career — and perhaps even his freedom. While several women had already come forward accusing Pepper of groping them or other unwanted contact, a new report against Sam claims that the YouTuber raped an 18-year-old woman in a Toronto hotel room in April 2013, reported Buzzfeed.

The woman, who asked not be named in the article, spoke with Pepper on Facebook when he was on tour with Sammy Adams. Sam asked her to meet him in his hotel room at the Westin Hotel. The hotel was unable to confirm whether or not Pepper was staying there at the time due to privacy concerns, reported Buzzfeed.

Sam Pepper rape allegations mount anger against YouTuber

The woman went to the hotel with her older sister and friend, where she separated with them to go into Sam’s hotel room.

“I walked into his room, he was sitting on a queen-sized bed watching TV. There were two beds in the room, and I had no interest in lying next to him on a bed, so I sat on the other one and began to talk to him.”

After talking with Pepper for only a few minutes, he suggested that she should get closer. When she sat down next to him, Sam immediately began to attempt to undress her. The woman attempted to dissuade Pepper from continuing.

“The most I could blurt out was ‘Well, I can’t have sex with you. Please don’t have sex with me, I don’t do this kind of thing.’ Which was true, at this point in my life I had never done anything like this with a boy… He continued to do things to me against my will and then forced me to give him head, nearly choking me. Afterwards, he threw me a napkin and told me that it was time to go.”

Sam then parted with her to go perform at the event. After the show, the young woman went upstairs with Pepper to his hotel room again.

“My mind was racing, I tried to think of ways to avoid being assaulted again. I asked him if we could watch a movie and he put on ‘Fight Club.’ The internet connection was weak and it did not load, he closed his laptop.”

The woman claims that Sam then began to rape her. As she struggled under Pepper, she fell off the bed and onto to the floor, where she says pepper ejaculated in her hair and told he she deserved it for avoiding sex with him. She left the hotel room in the morning and continued to receive texts from Sam throughout the day. When she visited a clinic to get tested several days later, the nurse warned her that Pepper would rape again if she didn’t report it. More than a year later, she was shocked to find out the Sam was being accused of the same thing by other girls.

“I thought it was my fault. When I found out that he did it to other people, it felt like a sock in the face because she told me that he would.”

Sam Pepper has yet to comment on the newest rape allegations. In response to the mounting accusations, Pepper has deleted his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

[Image via YouTube]