Mila Kunis Reportedly About To Give Birth To Daughter Any Moment Now

Mila Kunis is reportedly about to give birth to a baby daughter any moment now, and in fact is already at least a good few days overdue.

As the waiting game continues, it was reported that Mila's fiancé Ashton Kutcher, is as keen for his partner to give birth as she is, and not only because this is the couple's first child.

People Magazine reported today that a source told it that Mila Kunis really isn't doing well with the anticipation of the birth. "Mila just wants the baby to come out already!" the source told the publication.

The same source also revealed that while Mila is keen to have her baby daughter already, the later stages of pregnancy haven't stopped her from being active, as she regularly attends prenatal yoga classes, goes for walks, and spends quality couple time with Ashton.

"Mila hasn't slowed down at all. She seems to have a lot of energy," said the inside source.

Despite the additional weight to her small frame, Mila was spotted just last Wednesday at a Los Angeles Target for some last-minute shopping, and then sat down to a meal at POT restaurant in Koreatown.

According to other reports, while Mila Kunis carried all the weight, her partner Ashton Kutcher has had his fair share of trials and tribulations with the pregnancy.

Nevertheless, Ashton has remained active himself, and reportedly tweeted a cute, if not slightly over-the-top, photo on Wednesday from the set of his hit CBS show of a room filled with gigantic stuffed animals, ride-on cars, and other toys.

"Nesting... Too much?" he asked in the caption.

And while Ashton is apparently "incredibly excited" at the prospect of becoming a father, he's also "a nervous wreck," according to a source.

Dr. Steven Ordorica, a top obstetrician/gynecologist at NYU Langone Medical Center in Manhattan, told the publication about the Mila Kunis pregnancy that even though staying active is a good thing, "there is no evidence that it would initiate labor."