Canadian Postman Is Unable To Deliver Package, You Won’t Be Able To ‘Bear’ The Reason

Postmen and courier delivery men and women have tried to deliver packages in many adverse situations. However, a Canadian postman recently encountered a rather dangerous hurdle which prevented him from delivering a package.

On September 23, a postal worker for Canada Post attempted to deliver a package to a bungalow. However, he was faced with a rather wild sentry at the entry, forcing the postman to leave a note on owner/recipient's mailbox stating that Canada Post was unable to deliver a package. Under normal circumstances, the homeowner wouldn't have given a second look at the "Unable to deliver" note, but the reason for the tardiness was quite unique.

Matthew Fane's Vancouver-area mailbox sat empty, save for a note that mentioned why the postman was unable to deliver the package. Under the column provided to mention the reason, the postman had ticked "Other" and the reason was scribbled besides it.

When the homeowner read the postman's non-delivery slip, he couldn't resist snapping a photo and posting it on Twitter. Needless to say, the tweet has gone viral, with many gawking at the same with skeptic mirth.

As an excuse for not delivering a package, it was certainly a great one. The courageous postman, who CBC tracked down, is named Ken Brassington, and he narrated his rather vain tussle with the grizzly. He confirmed that instead of tempting his fate, he stayed in his delivery van when he spotted the female black bear, but his inner postman wouldn't allow him to abandon his duties.

The Bear Simply Wouldn't Budge And Prevented The Postman From Delivering The Package
The Bear Simply Wouldn't Budge And Prevented The Postman From Delivering The Package

He tried to scare the bear away by intimidating her with his vehicle. However, the bear was in no mood to budge, and calmly shrugged off any attempts by Brassington to shoo her off the property so that he could do his job.

Justifying his actions, Brassington said, "I thought it was a good excuse. I figured, well, it was a legitimate one."

Bears aren't uncommon, reported, and this one was most likely a grizzly or black bear, which are frequently spotted around these regions in British Columbia. As for the recipient of the package, Fane found the whole ordeal to be quite hilarious, refusing to offer more information when the Canada Post reached out to investigate on Twitter.

As for the man of the hour, Ken Brassington was given back his now-popular delivery-slip. He plans to frame it.

[Image Credit | Twitter, CBC]