Mama June Was Right? Sugar Bear Partied With Younger Women — Here Are The Pics!

Was Mama June right about Sugar? According to TMZ, there may have been some truth to her claims of Sugar Bear cheating.

Sugar Bear partied with younger women at a bar shortly before Mama June kicked him out of the house. TMZ recently released the pictures to prove this claim, which clearly show Sugar Bear having a great time with younger women at a bar in Macon, Georgia.

One of the pictures is just a group shot with Sugar Bear being held by the three girlfriends who were celebrating their friend’s 21st birthday at the bar. However, the pictures that will probably make Mama June’s jaw hit the floor are the ones where Sugar Bear and the birthday girl are riding the mechanical bull… together.

According to the report, Sugar Bear did not actually go to the bar with those ladies – he was on a date with an older woman (who was not Mama June).

Keep in mind that Mama June reportedly broke up with Sugar Bear for actively using an online dating website. Perhaps the date that Sugar Bear brought to the bar that night was from the dating website.

However, once the younger women approached him and wanted him to celebrate the birthday along with them, he clearly left his date behind and spent the rest of the night with them instead.

As reported earlier this week by The Inquisitr, Mama June might be moving on without Sugar Bear after all — especially since she was spotted house hunting for an upgrade to her current residence without Sugar Bear.

Even when he was interviewed directly by TMZ, Sugar Bear denies that he ever cheated on Mama June, and he was quick to say that he was not “allowed” to comment on anything else when he was asked the tough questions that most Honey Boo Boo fans still want answered.

On the other hand, there is still a lot of speculation and rumors circulating online that state Sugar Bear and Mama June have staged the entire cheating scandal and break-up as a publicity stunt to drive more people towards watching their TLC reality show.

Bottom line is that the star of Honey Boo Boo is fading rather quickly, which means that the stars of Mama June and Sugar Bear are fading even faster.

Would Mama June and Sugar Bear stoop so low just to get ratings? Staging a cheating scandal and marital problems as an attempt to extend their 15 minutes of fame? What do you think?

[Image Credit: YouTube and TMZ]