Justin Timberlake Caught Cuddling Australian Local: 'Sexy Back' Singer Snuggles Koala In Cute Pic

Justin Timberlake was caught on camera as he snuggled up to a popular Australian at Brisbane's Australia Zoo earlier this week. The continent is well-known for its indigenous koala population, and Justin Timberlake couldn't resist getting up close and personal with one of the cuddly creatures on a recent visit to Oceania.

Australia is playing host to multiple Justin Timberlake tour dates, with his last appearance in that country to take place on October 9, 2014 in Perth Arena. He returns to the stage in the United States with an Oregon concert on November 20, 2014.

According to Justin Timberlake himself, the cuddly koala was named April. As Us Magazine pointed out, Timberlake was just one American celebrity to grace Australia Zoo with his presence. Earlier this month, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and their daughter North visited the same cling of koalas. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any photographic evidence of Kanye with a koala wrapped around his neck. However, the Kim K Superstar celeb did post a pic of herself with one of the furry animals, reported MTV News.

Seeing Justin Timberlake holding an adorable koala in his arms is a nice change from the startling pics that showed him in the arms of backup singer Zenya Bashford. Although the pictures published by a tabloid seemed to show the married man engaging in inappropriate behavior, the truth was that he was simply sharing a dance in a public place with an old friend.

The grainy pics of Justin Timberlake and Zenya Bashford started a flurry of divorce rumors, but the singer and his lovely wife, Jessica Biel, are still very much in love. Biel even shared a sweet photograph online of a spectacular bouquet of flowers that many fans believed were a gift from Timberlake, reported The Inquisitr. Even though she didn't specifically state that the blooms were from her hubby, she did write a lovely message about the sender.

"A very pretty bird sent me these and I love them," she wrote.

Justin Timberlake's gold wedding band can be seen clearly in the photograph taken at Australia Zoo. Adorable koala aside, it's perfectly clear who really owns his heart. He and Jessica Biel will celebrate their two-year anniversary on October 19, 2014. The couple are notoriously private, and they don't share personal photos or messages documenting their marriage.

According to the Daily Mail, Jessica Biel occupied some of her time while hubby Justin Timberlake was away in Australia by taking in a movie sans makeup. The fresh-faced actress was spotted at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood earlier this week in the company of several friends. Of course, she was sporting her massive diamond engagement ring and tasteful wedding band during her outing.

[Image Justin Timberlake via Instagram]