State Media Confirms Kim Jong Un Is Ill, What Happens If He Dies?

North Korean state media admitted that Kim Jong Un was having a “discomfort in his body,” a startling revelation considering the young dictator is elevated to super human status by North Korean propaganda. Yonhap News in South Korea is saying that the dictator is likely suffering from gout, due to his decadent lifestyle. If the news reports are true, it might be a sign that dynastic rule of North Korea is in trouble.

Of course, gout is not fatal. Even chronic gout will only cause painful, debilitating joint deformity. However, gout is associated with certain kinds of lifestyles, unhealthy lifestyles, and often occurs in combination with other medical problems like obesity.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the young ruler has a well developed taste for Swiss cheese, an addiction that may have contributed to his recent obesity and health problems.

If Kim Jong Un is getting gout at his young age, which is believed to be around 28 or 29, then he might not be healthy enough to rule for that much longer. Kim has already missed a meeting of the North Korea’s parliament, his first absence since he took over three years ago.

The problem with being the absolute ruler is there are no sick days.

As early as 1975, Kim Il Sung had chosen King Jong Il as his successor, who wouldn’t take over until the early 90s. When Kim Jong Il began to show signs of illness in 2008, he had to race to prepare a replacement in three short years. Nevertheless, the transition to Kim Jong Un went well compared to the predictions of collapse in the West. However, with only three years of job experience, the current ruler doesn’t appear to have any plan for succession in place, according to Bruce Klingner of the Heritage Foundation.

If the dictator wants to even delegate some of his responsibilities away, there are few people to fill in. Mostly because the young Kim executed them all.

Jong Un has replaced his defense minister five times in his three year reign, same with his various chiefs of the general staff. Kim’s uncle, Jang Sung-taek, served as a kind of regent in Jong Un’s transition to power, but he was executed along with his entire family and many of his proteges. The purging leaves the boy king with few hands he can trust with real responsibility.

There are some rumors that Kim does have a son, but the child is at most 2 years old, far too young to survive the life of intrigue in North Korea’s political class.

The dictator’s health problems might usher in the kind of instability the world has both been fearing and hoping for. If Kim Jong Un wants to continue his dynasty any further, he may have to start hitting the gym, and cut down on the cheese.

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