WWE: 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Picks Star To Replace Roman Reigns For WrestleMania 31

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin recently took to the "family-friendly" version of his show to discuss his thoughts on the Night of Champions pay-per-view. During that time, a listener question he received inquired about one of the event's no-shows.

Shortly before his scheduled match with Seth Rollins, the WrestleMania 31-anointed Roman Reigns had emergency surgery for an incarcerated hernia.

While it's not clear whether Reigns will be out long enough for the surgery to affect the rumored Brock Lesnar-Roman Reigns showdown at the biggest stage of them all, it could mean WWE needs to find an alternate path to this particular storyline.

That said, the questioner asked "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, whom he thought the WWE should call up for the monumental task of taking the strap from Lesnar.

In Austin's mind, there was only one.

"In regard to the superstar, who has the best chance of rising to the [WrestleMania 31] occasion, I think this is the time, due to what I saw last night [at Night of Champions] out of Cesaro — give Cesaro a bona fide push. I've been impressed with that guy's work for a long time. Sometimes he still overcompensates facially and tries to, you know, his facials could be better. His work is very good. He and Sheamus have great chemistry. I thought, in my opinion, the Sheamus-Cesaro match was the Match of the Night, and I thought Cesaro was gaining momentum when he split off from [Jack] Swagger and Zeb Colter, and they put him with Paul E. [Heyman].

"But I thought from a respect standpoint, fans were starting to gain interest in him without a green light push — just out of respect for his strength and athletic ability and his work ability. He still is missing a thing here or there, but he's gonna find that. And I don't know if it's shaving his head bald, if that kind of Jason Statham look is the best look for him. He continues to put the pieces together, but if there's anybody that's a bright spot on the roster, now more than ever, it's Cesaro in my opinion."

Austin's pick of Cesaro is certainly not without its supporters. Unfortunately, the "King of Swing" may find the WWE itself to be his toughest hurdle for acceptance.

Several reports recently flooded in, stating that company officials confiscated signs showing support for Cesaro in his match against Sheamus at the NOC pay-per-view. While it could be because the WWE wants to push Cesaro as a heel and fan support contradicts that, how they continue to handle the superstar gives fans cause for greater concern in that he loses most every big match he's booked in, including the Sheamus match.

Do you think "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is right in picking Cesaro as the guy WWE needs to focus on?