Mom Beats Neighbor Charged With Possession Of Child Pornography: Sneaks Inside His Home Before Attack

A protective mom beats her neighbor after he's charged with possession of child pornography. Now she is charged with breaking and entering and assault and battery.

The Huffington Post reports that Nicole Pelletier, 41, broke into Gary Spring's condominium while he was asleep and punched him right in the face. She managed to break into his home through an unlocked door, and then waited to confront him. Spring lives directly below Pelletier and her two children, a 13-year-old girl and an 11-year-old boy.

The incident occurred on September 22 in Danvers, a town about 20 miles north of Boston.

"Before he could react she struck him in the face with her hand," Danvers police say.

The Smoking Gun gives more information in its report about the mom who beat her neighbor. Pelletier was seen by a police officer walking down the stairs "crying and visibly upset," according to the report. The licensed clinical social worker had evidence of blood on her hands and right arm. She admitted to authorities after dialing 911 that she'd gone into her neighbor's home and assaulted him. The woman added that she wanted to kill him.

"I went into his apartment and hit him," Pelletier reportedly confessed. Spring suffered a bloody nose from the assault and turned down medical treatment.

A two-month long investigation had been conducted on Spring on suspicion of child pornography. When federal agents examined his laptop computer belonging to Merrimack College. IT officials there informed authorities to a virus they found on Spring's laptop of highly inappropriate content was on the system's memory. The machine had more than 300 images stored on it. The former college professor admitted to possessing a large volume of child pornography. FBI agents arrested him on September 19 after searching his office and home.

Spring, 61, tried destroying images he had on the computer so his adult children wouldn't find them when he died. Although he's been advised to stay away from children and where they gather (playgrounds, schools, parks, and arcades), he's allowed to live downstairs from children. The judge clarified that the recently fired professor is prohibited from having any contact with minors unless they're accompanied by an adult. He was released on $30,000 bond Monday.

The mom who beat her neighbor for possessing child pornography did something a lot of parents would like to do, but she didn't care about the consequences. She didn't want this man around her children, and she was repulsed by the crime he committed.

[Image via The Smoking Gun]