Sandy Hook Shooting Can Be Blamed On Atheism, Says 'Duck Dynasty' Cousin Zach Dasher

The Sandy Hook shooting continues to be a source of controversy to this day, with politicians using the Newtown school shooting as justification for gun control laws and other changes. Duck Dynasty cousin Zach Dasher is running for office and he rejects the argument over weapons, instead saying that the Sandy Hook shooting can be blamed on a combination of atheism and post-modernism.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a school shooting study blames student-teacher conflict more than bullying. But some schools believe that arming the teachers and putting up signs is the best way to combat the possibility of another school shooting.

When politicians run for office, pretty much everything they did or said in the past manages to come to light. Before running for Congress against incumbent Republican Vance McAllister, Dasher ran a website called and at one point he created a podcast that posed the question: "Why did the Sandy Hook shooting happen?"

Dasher believes the Sandy Hooking shooting occurred because Adam Lanza believed in atheism and claims this worldview guided his actions to their terrible end.

"These children that were killed in Connecticut were made for purpose and to be honest with you even the killer himself was made for a purpose," Dasher said. "He was made in the image of God. But somewhere along the way he believed what the atheist says. He reduced humanity to nothing more than a collection of atoms, to be discarded like an old banana peel. I guarantee you, now this is my hypothesis, that even saw himself as nothing more than chemicals."

The Duck Dynasty cousin also believes post-modernism shares some blame for the Sandy Hook shooting.

"You wonder why porn is so rampant in our culture. You wonder why video game addiction is so rampant in our culture. It's a result of post-modernism. It's a consequence of post-modernity combined with atheism. That all there is, is matter and material. And that all that matters is matter and material."
According to The Associated Press, the FBI also recently released a report on "active shooter incidents" like the Sandy Hook shooting. In the last 14 years, the average number of school shootings per year have more than doubled, going from six to 16 incidents per year. The FBI behavioral analysts believe the motives of the gunmen vary, but they also claim the notoriety of the past school shootings are somehow inspiring individuals to commit mass murder.

"The copycat phenomenon is real," said FBI agent Andre Simons. "As more and more notable and tragic events occur, we think we're seeing more compromised, marginalized individuals who are seeking inspiration from those past attacks."

What do you think about Zach Dasher's opinion about the Sandy Hooking shooting?