Katy Perry’s Hair Goes Pink

Pop star Katy Perry has dyed her hair completely pink. Perry’s recent posts to Instagram show off a brand new dye job, changing her natural chestnut locks into something literally out of the Muppets.

According to The Huffington Post, 29-year-old Katy Perry posted the Instagram photo of her dyed hair on Thursday. The photo shows a close up of Katy Perry’s face, covered in tufts of vibrant pink hair with bits of her dark roots visible behind the neon coloring. Katy captioned the photo: “Got dat hot hot wheels hurrr/play doe pink do.” The photo currently has over 282,000 likes and most of the comments from Katy’s fans seem to be pretty positive in favor of the pink hair.

Apparently, the similarities between Katy’s new hair and the muppet character Animal are no coincidence. The “Dark Horse” singer’s photo was posted beside a picture of the pink-haired puppet with the title “Hairspiration” and the text “i am an animal!” along the bottom. You can see Katy Perry’s hair inspiration in the photo below:

While Katy Perry might be a brunette by default, it should come as no shock to her fans that Katy would do something this drastic to her hair. As The Daily Mail points out, Katy Perry has dyed her hair a wide variety of colors, from purple to neon green to bright blue and even black. Color seems to be part of Katy Perry’s image as a musician. She frequently appears with exotic hairstyles and unusual outfits, and her style in music videos is even more outrageous. Check out Katy Perry’s crazy get-up in her video for “This Is How We Do.”

Katy Perry has been in the news a lot lately for more than just her pink hair. Rumors are flying around that Katy Perry is dating Harry Styles simply to spite Taylor Swift, with whom Katy has been feuding. Other rumors include accusations that Katy Perry stole three of Taylor’s back-up dancers in order to sabotage her tour. As a result of the feud, Katy sent Taylor an unusual “mean girl” tweet, which you can read about here.

But things aren’t all celebrity drama and dramatic hairstyles for Katy Perry, she was also recently nominated for a VMA, alongside celebrities like Ariana Grande and Justin Beiber. Find out more here.

What do you think of Katy Perry’s newest hair do? Should Katy go back to her old style or try out another drastic color?