Kelli Garner Nude Photos Leak: ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Star’s Ex And Other Recent Victims Of ‘The Fappening’

Kelli Garner is one of the most recent celebrity women to fall victim to The Fappening.

Garner’s nude photos were leaked in a third large batch of pictures that some websites are calling “The Fappening 3.” According to The Daily Beast, other celebrities targeted in this latest leak include model Cara Delevingne, Olympian Misty May-Treanor, actress Anna Kendrick, soap opera star Alexandra Chando, Baywatch star Brook Burns, and Step Up actress Briana Evigan.

Kelli Garner played one of the lead roles in the short-lived Pan Am TV series. She also starred in Lars and the Real Girl, and one of her more recent projects was the Daniel Radcliffe movie Horns. However, Kelli is probably best-known for being the ex-girlfriend of The Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki.


As The Inquisitr previously reported, Kelli Garner and Johnny Galecki broke up just last month. It’s unknown if any of Garner’s nude photos were meant for Galecki’s eyes only.

Johnny Galecki and Kelli Garner

There’s a rumor that Kelli and Johnny decided to call it quits because Johnny couldn’t get over another victim of The Fappening, his Big Bang Theory costar Kaley Cuoco. Kaley and Johnny secretly dated for two years, ending their relationship at the end of 2009.

Kelli Garner hasn’t responded to these allegations about the breakup or the leaking of her nude photos, but hopefully she has a sense of humor about the situation like Kaley Cuoco did. Cuoco responded by sharing her own “nude” photos on Instagram, and The Big Bang Theory star joked about the leaked pictures while making the rounds on the talk show circuit.

Unlike Kaley Cuoco, Kelli Garner and most of the other more recent Fappening victims have chosen not to respond to their leaked photos. However, according to TMZ, a rep for volleyball player Misty May-Treanor has alleged that at least one of her photos is fake. The rep came to this conclusion after reviewing the image with Misty.

Anna Kendrick had more leaked photos than most of the recent victims — dozens of her personal pictures were leaked on sites like Reddit and 4chan. However, none of them were nude photos. Anna’s name wasn’t on the original list of celebrity targets that The Fappening hackers shared on 4chan last month, and Kendrick had a humorous response to being left off of it.

It looks like she wasn’t lying about not having any nude photos.

Many of the women who choose to make public statements about their leaked photos seem to draw more unwanted attention to themselves, so do you think that it might be a good idea for recent victims like Kelli Garner and Cara Delevingne to simply not respond publicly to being hacked? Or should they shrug it off and respond with humor like Kaley Cuoco did?

[Image credits: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images via Zimbio, Steve Granitz via Mediasearch]