Sims 4 Cheats And Tricks — Free Homes, Killing Your Sim, And More

Electronic Arts recently released the newest installment in their extremely popular Sims series, which allow players to take control of a simulated life. The Sims 3 was released with mixed reviews, so expectations are high for The Sims 4. The game has already been buzzing for getting an official nudity mod, but the reviews about Sims 4 have been widely positive. Sims 4 is a huge hit in the U.K. and review sites like Technology Tell agree that the game has potential. But most reviews of The Sims 4 also agree that a lot of content is missing in its early release, in anticipation of future expansion packs. But Sims 4 has less initial content available than past Sims games, which is a little disappointing.

Fortunately, The Inquisitr has compiled a list of tips, cheats, and tricks to make your Sims 4 gaming experience as much fun as possible.

According to Cinema Blend, if you press CTRL + SHIFT + C, you can unlock the first set of Sims 4 cheats. A command prompt will then allow you to enter one of the following Sims 4 cheat codes.

– death.toggle – Toggling off will keep your Sims 4 character from dying.

– freeRealEstate [on/off] – When entering neighborhood mode, this cheat can make purchasing homes completely free.

– fullscreen – Turns fullscreen mode on or off.

– headlineEffects [on/off] – Gets rid of speech and thought balloons.

– kaching – Gives your Sims 4 character 1000 free Simoleons.

– motherlode – Gives your Sims 4 character 50,000 free Simoleons.

– resetSim [FirstName] [LastName] – Allows you to change your sim’s name.


According to Kotaku, it’s harder than ever to kill your Sims character, but it’s still possible. For those sinister players who are determined to find creative ways to kill off their alter egos, there are a few sure-fire methods to make sure your sim bites the dust. A few of them are obvious, like setting your Sims character’s house on fire to burn them alive, or starving them to death–both traditional methods from past Sims games. But you can also electrocute them by having a sim with poor handiness skills use a broken appliance several times. Some more unusual methods of death include sending your Sims character to their death via rocket ship by building a faulty machine with poor rocket science skill, or you can feed your Sims character to a giant mutant cow plant (which for some reason exists in the game) by starving the plant and luring your character over to it. Rejoice in the simulated sadism.

What do you think of The Sims 4? Will you be buying the game?