‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Will Change Origin Story, Fans Furious

Bad news for Fantastic Four fans, because it’s now being reported that the upcoming reboot of the beloved comic-book franchise is set to drastically alter the characters origin stories.

According to Schmoes Know, a new rumor regarding the Simon Kinberg scribed blockbuster is that Susan Storm, who will be played by Kate Mara, will be adopted.

Ever since it was announced that Mara and Michael B. Jordan would play the characters of Susan and Johnny Storm, there have been various reports that Mara or Jordan’s character would be adopted. In the comics, both Johnny and Susan are white, and Jordan is African-American, which caused a ridiculous amount of preposterous outrage when he was announced.

It was at first assumed that, because of the character’s race in the comics, Johnny will have been adopted. However, the entire situation was made even more complex when Reg E. Cathay was announced as the father of the two siblings, Dr. Franklin Storm. Cathay, who has previously appeared in The Wire, is also African-American, and this immediately saw fans theorizing across the internet that Susan was the one who now had to be adopted.

It now appears as though this is what the film has chosen to do, and as you can imagine, fans haven’t reacted well to the news.

this makes me feel sad :( http://t.co/Lc02EuZf5r

— Aero Costaa (@Aero_uatw) September 26, 2014

Still dumb “@SuperheroReport: Sue Storm adopted in ‘THE FANTASTIC FOUR’ by Johnny Storm’s African American parents! pic.twitter.com/IkRioIkEHq

— blank (@blackstar95cd) September 26, 2014

Comic Book also reported that Josh Trank’s version of Fantastic Four will be more heavily inspired by the Ultimate Fantastic Four comic book, which was published between 2004 and 2009, and saw the foursome inherit their superpowers after a science experiment went wrong rather than after going into space.

There has been controversy regarding the new Fantastic Four film ever since the cast was announced. This was only exacerbated when Jordan recently came out and declared that the characters weren’t superheroes, explaining, “We’re more or less a bunch of kids who had an accident and we have disabilities now that we have to cope with, and try to find a life afterwards — try to be as normal as we can.”