Jeremy Renner, Matt Damon To Team Up For New ‘Bourne’ Film? Renner Hopes So

Recent rumors have suggested that Matt Damon is set to make a stunning return to the Bourne franchise. Rather than being perturbed by this suggestion, Jeremy Renner, who starred in the latest edition of the series, The Bourne Legacy, is excited by the idea of sharing the screen with him.

Renner was cast as Aaron Cross, the new protagonist for the films, after Damon declared that we wanted to move onto pastures new after 2007’s The Bourne Ultimatum. According to Comic Book, during a discussion to promote his upcoming effort, Kill The Messenger, the topic soon turned to the Bourne franchise, and Renner was adamant that he would love to share the screen with the Ocean’s Eleven star.

“That’s my hope. That’s my dream. I know there’s probably other people who think that as well. What will happen? I do not know.”

Renner even admitted that the last he heard was that Paul Greengrass, who directed The Bourne Ultimatum and Bourne Supremacy, had actually ironed out another idea for a new film alongside Damon. But he doesn’t think that will ruin the development of Cross, and he instead thinks that the two could collide perfectly.

“The last I heard was that Paul [Greengrass] and Matt had sort of cracked an idea, a reason to sort of continue the Bourne series. We’re still working on the Aaron Cross sort of section of that, and the worlds definitely, hopefully collide and they’re still a part of each other. I think that it makes it really exciting.”

The Hurt Locker actor is actually pretty confident that Universal, the studio who have overseen the franchise’s four films, will be just as excited as he is about the possible crossover.

“I think even Universal is sort of like, ‘this is fantastic news,’ because now it’s kind of the Marvel model, where they can have two standalones and then come back and meet each other.”

Various reports had suggested that Damon would return as Jason Bourne in the next instalment, which is due out on July 15, 2016, however Frank Marshall, the producer behind each of the Bourne films, has since denied these allegations to The Hollywood Reporter.

It’s simply not true. [Director] Justin Lin is working with Andrew Baldwin on an Aaron Cross script/story that they pitched us a few months ago. I talk to Justin all the time and the script is not ready. It’s a summer movie, and if we don’t start preproduction now, we can’t make next summer. Therefore, it’s a wise decision to move to 2016.”