‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Season 11, Episode 2: Maggie Makes Waves At Grey Sloan

Season 11 of Grey’s Anatomy premiered Thursday night and viewers are now getting a taste of what it’s going to be like without Dr. Cristina Yang in the mix. Fans aren’t necessarily happy about the fact that she’s gone, but it’s clear there are big things ahead for this new season. Episode 2 of the new season airs on October 2 and fans are anxious for some Grey’s Anatomy spoilers. What is known about the next show?

The season 11, episode 2 show is titled “Puzzle With a Piece Missing.” Maggie is in the mix of things now after making waves in the Season 11 premiere. She’s working hard to prove herself and make connections with others at the hospital. It’s already clear, however, that Meredith is not going to make things easy on her. In addition, Maggie is going to find herself in some challenging situations in this next episode.

The Grey’s Anatomy spoiler synopsis via TV Guide adds that Richard is going to try to keep his secret under wraps for a bit yet. Fans can only imagine how wild things will get when everybody realizes just what is going on at the hospital right now in this regard.

The episode will focus on a case where a woman is dying, but her daughter isn’t ready to let go. This new episode is said to revolve pretty heavily around Maggie, as she will clearly become central to this season. Though fans miss Yang, it seems many are intrigued to see how this latest long-lost sister story will play out.

Also ahead in “Puzzle With a Piece Missing” will surely be more of the battle between Alex and Bailey for Cristina’s board seat along with more fall-out from Derek’s decision to stay in Seattle and leave behind his opportunity in Washington D.C.

What else can fans expect to see in the season 11, episode 2 show? As Wetpaint notes, the Grey’s Anatomy spoiler preview seems to indicate that Derek and Maggie get off to a solid start even if Maggie and Meredith are at odds with one another. They will share another patient, but oce again it doesn’t go very smoothly.

How long will it take for Meredith to learn just who Maggie is? Will they manage to bond as sisters or will the relationship remain contentious? Tune in to Grey’s Anatomy airing new episodes Thursday nights on ABC to see what the show has in store for fans this season.

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