‘Duck Dynasty’ Daughter Sadie Robertson Described As ‘Brat-tastic’ On DWTS

Each season of Dancing with the Stars seems to bring a full-fledged diva out of hiding. One season it was Bristol Palin and Michael Bolton, another season it was The Bachelor contestant Sean Lowe.

And this season, it seems as though the honors of being the biggest diva on Dancing with the Stars go to none other than Sadie Robertson, the daughter of Will Robertson of A&E’s hit franchise Duck Dynasty.

Considering all the high-profile stars and celebrities – such as Pretty Little Liars star Janel Parrish and mega-famous fashion designer Betsey Johnson – it seems strange that the biggest diva on the show is the one whose family became famous because of their backwoods, camoflage-wearing, duck-hunting, wild-game eating ways. Yet apparently for all her humble, Christian background, Sadie Robertson is the one diva this season who believes she deserves special treatment and is a “terror behind the scenes” of ABC’s hit dancing competition.

The upcoming edition of OK! Magazine, which will be out on October 6th, certainly isn’t holding back, as it reveals that “Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson, 17, boasts sweet dimples, fancy footwork, and a brat-tastic attitude!”

According to the magazine’s inside source, Sadie’s behavior, particularly towards other contestants, leaves a lot to be desired. The source alleges that, “after interviews she [Sadie Robertson] turns her back and rolls her eyes. She often walks away from the other contestants as though she is better than them.”

Surprising behavior from a girl who has been brought up with very traditional, Christian values. And although there are a lot of words one could use to describe the Robertson clan, “diva” certainly isn’t the first one to come to mind.

Despite reports of Sadie’s alleged “brat-tastic” behavior, she has been successful so far on the show, even though she claims to have never danced before. Apparently, she has never attended a prom or a school dance, since she has spent her childhood either being home schooled or attending a strict Christian school that holds banquets rather than dances. But the judges think Sadie has a great deal of natural talent, and have consistently been impressed with Robertson and her partner, Mark Ballas. One judge even referred to Sadie as “the total package” when it comes to her talent in dancing.

Talent is great, but a superior attitude is not. What do you think? Has Sadie Robertson has allowed her fame and success to go to her head…or is she just being a 17-year-old teenage girl?