Chris Pratt Pranked By Wife Anna Faris And Ellen DeGeneres [Video]

What’s the best part of going on the Ellen DeGeneres show? Well, if you’re Anna Faris, it’s pranking your superstar husband Chris Pratt.

Faris has been married to Pratt since 2009, but as of late the actress has seen his star rise, after he experienced starring in the biggest blockbuster of the summer, Guardians of The Galaxy.

Faris, who actually prefers her husband’s “teddy bear” figure instead of his more cut body, told Ellen that either way she’s “proud” of her taste.

“I hope it doesn’t sound obnoxious when I say this. Now it’s going to sound really obnoxious… I am sorry. I am just really proud of myself because I had great taste.”

Ellen DeGeneres agreed with the Mom actress, “Of course [you should] be proud and happy with who you are with.”

Following that DeGeneres, who had both of the stars on her show over the years, complimented the couple.

“You’re a cute couple and you’re very affectionate and I love the two of you.”

Jokes aside, Faris had very sweet words for her hunk. The two share a 2-year-old son together, and for Faris, that trumps everything at the box office.

“He is a great family man. And I’m so proud of his success and everything, but he’s more importantly a great person and he’s got a great heart.”

Then the real fun bit came in when Ellen DeGeneres asked for her number so they could prank Pratt. DeGeneres cooked up a hilarious scenario and made Faris pretend like she was calling from a police station after she’s been “arrested.” Adding to that story, Faris said she wanted to make it seem like she was in the middle of getting arrested.

Pratt didn’t pick up because he was at Derek Jeter’s Yankee game, so the two decided to leave the actor a voicemail. On the fly, Pratt’s wife and DeGeneres started to argue, with the host acting like a cop, trying to get the Mom star out of the car after an alleged indecent exposure.

In the middle of “arguing” with DeGeneres, Faris left a pleading message that’s sure to terrify the Guardians of The Galaxy star.

“I just want to tell you that I think I’m getting arrested. I was on my way, I had to do this change in the car, and this cop pulled me over.” She trailed off before pretending to get cut off and hung up.

Hopefully the next time DeGeneres catches up with Chris Pratt he’ll show his reaction to the voicemail.

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