Corvette Driver’s Parking: Muddy Jeep Owner Gets Revenge, ‘Jerk’ Driver’s Reaction Priceless [Video]

We’ve seen it all before: drivers of luxury cars and owners who value their jalopies more than the family dog. However, one Corvette driver, who apparently thinks parking means taking up two spots, will likely think twice before flaunting his flashy new ride again. It took the driver of a muddy jeep to send out a strong message that parking is a privilege, not a right.

Kyle DeMattia, 20, of Clifton, New Jersey, had just sat in traffic for nearly three hours, and that alone can send a person’s hunger into overdrive. So, when things cleared up on the roadway, he made a beeline for a local Red Robin restaurant to grab a bite to eat.

Upon arrival to the parking lot, he observed a white Corvette taking up two parking spots near the entrance to the eatery. No, it wasn’t the work of someone who still hadn’t mastered the art of parking, or a delivery driver pulling in temporarily. It was a classic “a**hole parking job” from an arrogant car-struck Corvette owner.

Fed up with vehicle owners assuming they have “reserved” parking spots worldwide, while commoners must settle for the cheap seats, the New Jersey jeep owner decided to send the “jerk parker” an inaudible, but loud message.

DeMatia pulled his high-rise mud-covered Jeep alongside the Corvette with the right side partly blocking the Vette’s drivers’ side, while his side was straddled on the pavement, according to

“The parking lot was packed except for a few spaces at the back and I could see people parking and walking by it in just plain annoyance. I just did enough to make him think some [expletive] kid in a Jeep came and messed with his mid-life crisis mobile.”

The quick-thinking Jeep owner entered the restaurant, and then the magic happened: Lo and behold, he got a window-seat, which allowed him a direct view of the Corvette owner when emerged later, only to see a hulking vehicle was nestled alongside his luxury vehicle. And the reaction captured on DeMattia’s phone, especially as random guys walked by laughing, was priceless.

Hail to the Jeep, and for shame to car owners who park like, well… you finish the sentence.

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