Kendra Wilkinson Denies Hank Baskett Cheating, Divorce Rumors Are A Ploy For Publicity

Kendra Wilkinson and husband Hank Baskett have faced cheating and divorce rumors this summer that coincided nicely with the filming of her new reality show, but the former Girls Next Door denies that any of the marital strife was just a ploy for publicity.

This year reports broke that Hank had an affair with a transsexual woman, and not long afterward Kendra was seen out in public without her wedding ring.

When asked recently if the couple faked their problem to create a plotline for her new reality show, Kendra on Top, Wilkinson denied it.

“I wish we did,” she said during an interview on Beyond Candid With Giuliana: Kendra Wilkinson Baskett. “It is the most insulting thing out of all this, that people think that this is fake. I would never do this to myself. You know, I would never degrade myself like that.”

Kendra Wilkinson had a five-week old baby at home this summer when she learned that husband Hank Baskett had an affair with a transsexual woman, and admits her first reaction was to laugh.

“I get a call one night, from my agent, and he said to me, ‘Hey Kendra, you know there’s a rumor going around, about you and Hank.’ The story is about the husband cheating on his wife with a transsexual,” Kendra recalled. “This happened five weeks after giving birth to my daughter, and here we are with our newborn baby, and little Hank, and we get a call saying, ‘Hank cheated on me with a transsexual?’ I just laughed about it.”

But Kendra added that the rumors eventually got to her.

“It would have been the same feeling, cheating is cheating,” she said of the alleged affair. “I take my wedding rings off, right in front of him. I drop them in the toilet, he’s flipping out, and I just flush the rings down the toilet. I’m yelling at him, saying, ‘Get out of my house!'”

Whether it was contrived or not, the marital problems between Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett have already made for good television. On a recent episode of Kendra on Top, the former Playboy model was seen meeting with divorce lawyers.

[Image via E!]