‘Scandal’ Spoilers For Season 4, Episode 2: Mellie Draws Attention, Fitz And Olivia Share A Look

Season 4 of Scandal got off to a pretty wild start Thursday night, and fans are thrilled to have it back. Olivia Pope is back, but things are definitely different. Now viewers are anxious for Scandal spoilers related to the next episode airing on October 2. What can fans expect?

The Season 4, Episode 2 show is titled “The State of the Union,” and Fitz is planning to tackle a topic that may shake up his party. Scandal spoilers via TV Guide indicate that the president is going to talk about gun control. As he prepares for the big speech, Cyrus will reach out to a “power couple” who can give the administration some assistance on the topic.

That power couple will be played by Mary McCormack and Josh Randall. TV Line shared the Scandal spoilers that the In Plain Sight and Ed stars will portray an influential couple, and one photo from the episode seems to show that McCormack’s character will be in a wheelchair. So far, other details about these characters remain under wraps.

Portia de Rossi is back in the October 2 episode, and it sounds as though she’ll be sticking around for a bit. The party isn’t particularly happy with how Fitz is starting off in his second term, and it looks like that’ll continue for a while.

Mellie’s personal struggles, brilliantly played by Bellamy Young, will start to draw national attention. Though it’s quite understandable that the first lady would have a tough time toeing the line at the moment given Jerry Jr.’s shocking death, Mellie has gone off the deep end in such a manner that the press takes notice.

Scandal spoilers from the preview show that Abby, now the press secretary for the White House, has to delicately manage the Mellie situation. While the first lady’s struggle is heartbreaking to watch, fans can’t help but love what Young brings to the role at this point, so many are surely hoping her recovery isn’t too swift.

Previews also show that Quinn and Huck are back on speaking terms, to some extent. What will Season 4 hold for this complicated relationship? Fans can only imagine. In addition, though Olivia and Jake are continuing their relationship, there will be an Olivia and Fitz moment in “The State of the Union” that may be just what Mellie and Jake have both dreaded. Fitz is seen in the preview looking at Olivia and asking to have the room.

It will clearly take quite some time yet before the full fallout from Harrison and Jerry Jr’s deaths are felt, and it will be interesting to see just what Rowan does next. Will Olivia fall back under Fitz’s spell? Can Olivia Pope and Associates come back together again? Tune in to Scandal airing Thursday nights on ABC to see just what comes next.

[Image via ABC]