‘Bones’ Spoilers: Season 10, Episode 2 Brings Difficult Goodbye, Conspiracy Answers

Season 10 of Bones included a twist that nobody saw coming. Though there had been a happy development for fan favorite Sweets, the excitement was short-lived. In the midst of digging into the government conspiracy that framed Booth for murder, Sweets was killed. Now fans are anxious for Bones spoilers regarding what will happen in the next episode airing on Thursday, October 2.

Zap2It warns that fans will need to keep the tissues handy in the Season 10, Episode 2 of Bones. This one is titled, appropriately, “The Lance to the Heart,” and naturally it will heavily focus on saying goodbye to Dr. Lance Sweets. Bones spoilers indicate that the death of Sweets sets the stage for where the show is headed this season.

Why kill off Sweets? Executive producer Stephen Nathan says it’s not something they wanted to do, but the actor is in great demand these days. John Francis Daley, who plays Sweets, is off to direct the Vacation movie reboot, and the show just had to let him go. Rather than send him off into the sunset, they utilized the departure to start the season off with a bang, literally.

Despite the heartbreaking death of Sweets, his presence will be felt on the show in the episodes to come. In “The Lance to the Heart,” viewers will see the team and Daisy saying goodbye to Sweets in a way that is natural for them. Fans should expect to shed some tears, it seems. Down the road, there will be a bit more of Daisy on the show as she has the surprise baby that fans learned about in the Bones Season 10 premiere.

Though the goodbye to Sweets will be difficult, there will be humorous moments mixed throughout. Of course, the team is still working through this government conspiracy. What other Bones spoilers are available for the Season 10, Episode 2 show? TV Guide teases via the official synopsis that Agent Aubrey will be helping the team as they work on the conspiracy.

Some DNA evidence will surface that is linked to the scandal, and apparently it leads to a surprising shift. Those who worry that this conspiracy may be a primary storyline for the full season seemingly don’t have to worry. There will be a conclusion to that, and fans will again see the combination of components that makes Bones what it is: romance, humor, and odd cases.

Tune in to the Season 10, Episode 2 show of Bones airing on Fox on Thursday, October 2 to see how the team says goodbye to Sweets and works on moving forward. How will this conspiracy framing Booth be wrapped up? Fans can’t wait to find out.

[Image via Jeff Lipsky/FOX]