Kaley Cuoco Hits Back At Haters With A ‘Big Bang’

Kaley Cuoco has hit back at her haters with a message that read loud and clear. As most people know, The Big Bang Theory actress has been getting a lot of negative feedback over her haircut… and not because people don’t like it on her. You see, people don’t like the haircut on Penny, Cuoco’s on-screen character. Since the premiere of the show, people have been voicing their negative opinions about the short ‘do, and Kaley’s been taking a lot of heat… and that is more than likely what prompted the message Kaley posted on her Instagram on Wednesday.

According to Yahoo! News, fans didn’t like Penny’s new look, mainly because it’s really not Penny. When you think of her, you think funny, a bit ditzy, sweet, etc. Well Kaley’s new hairdo makes Penny look a bit more sophisticated — and that’s something that brings a different dynamic to the character and to the show. And it’s something that fans aren’t too thrilled about.

Kaley Cuoco did say that she checked with producers about her haircut, offering to wear extensions or a wig to make it work on the show. However, everyone was very accommodating, and the writers actually wrote in the haircut… something that Sheldon Cooper (played by actor Jim Parsons) wasn’t too thrilled about either. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Sheldon’s reaction to Penny’s hair was pretty similar to the reaction of fans.

Kaley Cuoco has said that she absolutely loves her haircut — and it does look good on her… but changing up Penny’s look after so many seasons just killed it for many fans. There was something about Penny’s long blonde locks that really worked for her character, and now that is gone.

Do you like Kaley’s hair? Do you think that allowing the change to extend to Penny was a smart idea?

[Photo courtesy of Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting / Instagram]