Courteney Cox Screwed Up The ‘Friends’ Reunion Skit, Says Jimmy Kimmel

Courteney Cox is proud to announce that Friends, the sitcom that launched her Hollywood career, achieved an important milestone last Monday. The Scream actress recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the sitcom’s pilot episode by guesting on Jimmy Kimmel Live, revealing some of her fond memories of the show’s first seasons.

Cox discussed a lot of Friends-related factlets with Kimmel, including one where the whole cast watched every episode of the first season at her house in L.A. According to Courteney, the whole gang would sit on her couch during the first years and catch the episode as it was shown on air, while she, in a very typical Monica fashion, served food and entertained her guests.

Cox says, “We did it every single Thursday for like the first year”.

Courteney Cox also admitted that she was a bit jealous of Jennifer Aniston during the comedy’s run, mainly because the “Rachel” caught on while the “Monica” was largely ignored. Around the time the sitcom was topping the charts, Aniston’s signature layered hairstyle was a huge hit in salons, with patrons across America asking their local stylists for the do. Meanwhile, Cox’s hairstyle didn’t drive a cult following, although some fans would agree that she actually had the better one. Courteney jokingly added that the implications were more painful when she realized she shared the same stylist with Jen on the show.

Jimmy also reminded her of the skit they did three weeks ago, where Jennifer was the main guest and had to reprise her role as Rachel Greene in a Friends parody. Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow where there as well to play Monica and Phoebe. And while at least half the fans didn’t like how the skit was treated, it was still a pleasant day for people who have been dying to see a reunion actually happen on screen.

However, Jimmy didn’t shy away from jokingly criticizing Cox’s reprisal of her role, which was apparently a bit unfaithful to the show. The comedian pointed out how Courteney Cox, reciting the sitcom’s theme song “I’ll Be There For You” during the skit, did five claps instead of four after the line “Your job’s a joke, you’re broke, your love life’s D.O.A.” How dare she! But it’s okay. Kimmel later on gave Courteney a chance to redeem herself by asking her to do four claps this time.

Courteney Cox plays Jules Cobb on the TBS series Cougar Town.

[Image from ABC]