California Couple Murders Their Neighbor Over Cats

Cats, Katzen, Gato, Mao, or the latin Felis catus, they have many names, but everybody loves cats. In fact, cats are so well loved that the very internet you are on is said to be made up of cats. Sometimes, love can make you do crazy things.

ABC 30 reports that a confrontation in California over what appeared to be an irrational concern over her neighbors pit bull being near her cats has resulted in murder.

“Laquandra Kinchen lived just down the street from the neighborhood where she was walking with her two kids and her dog last week. Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said Kinchen got into an argument with Mary Lara in front of Lara’s home, but it quickly turned into an attack. An autopsy showed Lara was stabbed 14 times.”

Her husband is also under arrest, though he does not seem to be directly involved. According to CBS Sacramento, this is because her husband drove up to the crime scene a few minutes later to pick her up. ABC 30 stated that her husband is charged with accessory to murder and assault for attacking one of the witnesses to the crime.

Fresno, California, was the site of this bizarre act of violence. The Fresno Bee reported that police Sgt. Dave Ramos stated the stabbing happened in the victims driveway.

“Ramos said Mary Lara, 56, and Laquandra Ligons were involved in a dispute in Lara’s driveway. Ligons was walking a dog with her two children, and Lara believed the dog posed a threat to her cats..”

No reason was given, besides the initial concern about the attackers pit bull. This could make sense if the dog was violent. Certainly, a “violent” pit bull versus cat, or any dog versus cat scenario for that matter, would have horrible results. The problem is there is no evidence the dog was threatening.

In fact, the dog was unharmed, and the appears to have simply returned home after the incident, according to Fresno police Sgt. Ramos.

“And the fact that she let the pit bull go, which led them to believe that it would return back home, which the dog did because when Laquandry Kinchen was arrested for the murder the pit bull was in the backyard.”

According to ABC 30, the Fresno police stated that the assailants did not seem to be concerned about being caught because when police arrived at their home, they surveyed the couple going in and out of their home.

The children are in the care of Child Protective Services, but there is no word on the pit bull or the cats. Suffice it to say, there appears to be no love stronger than a woman and her cats. Hopefully justice is served, and the children, pit bull, and cats are well taken care of.

[ Image Via Flickr]