Sister With Down Syndrome Has 11-Year-Old Rapper MattyB Taking On Bullies [Video]

The 11-year-old rapper calling himself Matty B has a sister with Down syndrome named Sarah Grace, and he recently created a rap music video cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors” in order empower those suffering from the debilitating condition while dealing with bullies.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, when a Vietnamese surrogate mother gave birth to twins, one of the two children was born with Down syndrome, and the parents decided to only accept the healthy twin sister. Despite the difficulty involved, the surrogate mom decided to raise the little boy, and later decided to forgive the parents for their actions.

According to the rapper’s bio on his website, Matthew David Morris aka “MattyB” is a pop singer and rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. He began his music career at age 7, and his viral videos have already generated one billion video views and over 2.5 million YouTube subscribers. MattyB was also recently selected in the 2013 Top 21 Under 21 by Billboard Magazine. Otherwise, he is a normal fifth grader who enjoys baseball, art, fishing, video games, and spending time with his friends and family, including four other siblings.

One of these siblings is a sister named Sarah Grace, and MattB says that people should not be treating her differently because of Down syndrome.

“Sarah is just like any other normal kid. She likes baseball a lot,” Matty B said. “Some people at school might pick on her for her needs, but I don’t think anybody should be bullied because of what they have.”

The Morris family worked together to produce a rap video that empowers Sarah as the star.

“They really see her as a normal sibling. She does everything the family does, and Matt’s heart here was to show it in a video,” dad Blake Morris said.

“It’s really so special to see Matt and Sarah interact. Sarah Grace loves acting, to be in front of the camera, she was very excited,” mom Tawny Morris said.

MattyB’s rap video on YouTube has already surpassed four million views, and he hopes his message reaches more people with down syndrome.

“I hope they learn they can do anything — if they have special needs like Sarah. If they work at it, anything can become real and they can do anything,” he said.

Sister With Down Syndrome Has 11-Year-Old Rapper MattyB Taking On Bullies [Video]