October 1, 2014
Bill Cosby: Morgan Freeman Is 'Waiting For Me To Die' For A Movie Role

Bill Cosby is known for talking a good line, so when went onto The Colbert Report, it was inevitable that he would have a good story to tell. But the one about Morgan Freeman might have been a bit morbid since it requires the old comedian to die.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Bill Cosby is known for being the greatest TV dad ever, and as early as the summer of 2015, Cosby might be returning to the small screen on NBC.

Stephen Colbert is well known for controlling a conversation in order to deliver a joke, but in this case, Cosby definitely had the upper hand since he's made living by talking funny for 52 years. So when Colbert asked aloud why no one has bothered to make a movie based upon Bill Cosby's life, he also pointed out that a great actor like Morgan Freeman would be perfect for the job.

Instead of taking the question more seriously, Cosby pointed out Freeman may be waiting on that movie role due to only one reason.

"Out of respect," Cosby said. "Morgan and I worked together on 'The Electric Company,' so I think out of respect Morgan is waiting for me to die."

In response, Colbert asked, "Does he ever call me up to see how you are feeling?"

"Not only that, he has asked how Sidney Poitier is doing, Harry Belafonte," Cosby said. "Everybody wants to know how they're all doing... He's not a happy man."

Cosby pulled that joke off in his usual deadpan fashion. Apparently, the idea is that Freeman is also waiting for a long list of older black actors to die in hopes of playing them in a biopic film. But he kept the joke rolling, talking about how Bill Cosby death hoaxes tend to occur on a regular basis.

When Colbert asked how the comedian was feeling, Cosby replied, "Well, sometimes they'll post on the internet, somebody will post that I died."

Cosby even claims he has a answering machine set up for Morgan Freeman.

"Morgan calls and I have a machine upon my death, if you call it sounds like I'm answering. Fourth ring -- 'Hey, what's happening?'" Cosby said, explaining that the voicemail would keep talking after the caller says hello. "Stop saying hello, what's goin' on, man?' So that fools a lot of people. So I think that Morgan is going to be all right -- he may have to play some people that nobody knows."

Fortunately, Bill Cosby does seem to have a lot of life left in him. But it's not hard to image Morgan Freeman playing as Cosby... or at least narrating the film.