Weirdest Sexy Halloween Costumes Of 2014: Olaf From Disney’s ‘Frozen’ And Other Oddities [Photos]

Sexy Halloween costumes just get stranger year after year as women tire of dressing like scantily-clad cops, cats, and Cleopatras.

This year things got really weird when Yandy started selling a costume based on one of the characters from Frozen. It won’t be shocking to see grown women dressed like Elsa or Anna (Frozen Halloween costumes are going to be very popular with women and girls for 2014), but who in the world is going to want to wear a sexy Olaf Halloween costume?

According to The Huffington Post, one of Yandy’s wackiest new sexy Halloween costumes for 2014 is the “Funny Snowman.” It’s obviously based on Olaf, and it comes complete with a sexy carrot nose that totally won’t make you feel like an idiot. The costume also includes fingerless stick arm gloves, thigh-high white tights, and a skimpy white leotard that will be red and brown after a night of bar-hopping.

Sexy Olaf Halloween Costume

Yandy’s sexy Anna and Elsa Halloween costumes aren’t quite as bizarre — they just feature shorter skirts than the ones the Frozen characters wear and are sold under the names “Norwegian Maiden” and “Blue Snow Maiden” in order to avoid the wrath of Disney.

Anna And Elsa Sexy Halloween Costumes

Sadly, Olaf isn’t the only cute and cuddly cartoon character who got a sexy makeover for 2014. You can also dress up like a hot minion from Despicable Me. However, some people might confuse you for a sexy gold miner.


For 2014, mermaids are out and other sea critters are in. Yandy sells sexy shark Halloween costumes that are perfect for a group — if you all spin around, you can form a Sharknado. There’s also a jellyfish costume with creepy eyeballs on the breasts. You could probably also pass for a flying spaghetti monster with blue noodles.

Shark And Jellyfish Halloween Costumes

Spirit Halloween wants you to dress up like an “ornate octopus” with a front tentacle placed in a rather unfortunate position, and you can even transform into a sexy mutant lobster with Muppet-like furry claws.

Lobster And Octopus Halloween Costumes

With Star Wars: Episode VII getting buzz, there will plenty of Slave Leias walking around this Halloween, so why not stand out from the crowd by dressing up like Yoda with cleavage? This costume might come in handy a few years from now when the throwback character with green skin becomes trendy again — according to Ain’t It Cool News, Yoda might eventually get a stand alone Disney movie. Yandy calls its Star Wars rip-off a “Galaxy Gremlin Costume.”


And if you want the potheads with munchies to follow you around all night, you can dress up like a titillating taco. Hamburger fans might want to choose the sexy Ronald McDonald costume instead.

Taco And Ronald McDonald Sexy Halloween Costumes

If you’re looking for something a little spookier, you can always go for the ghostly “Sexy Scream Costume” — Yandy basically took the creepy mask from the Scream movies and it turned it into a tiny, shiny dress.

Scream Halloween Costumes

Out of the sexy Halloween costumes pictured here, which do you think is the strangest? Are you more disturbed by seeing a hairy lobster or Olaf with breasts?

[Images via Yandy, Spirit Halloween, Disney]