Uber Driver Grabs Passenger’s Breasts: ‘She Was Asking For It’

An Uber driver in Orlando, Fla. was arrested for grabbing a female passenger’s breasts but he has denied doing anything wrong. The New York Daily News states that Ramy Botros, a 28-year-old Egyptian immigrant, claims that the woman was not wearing a bra so it was perfectly fine to touch her.

“She was wearing a revealing shirt with no bra… In Egypt, if a girl like her dressed like that, it means she asking for that.”

The unnamed woman’s boyfriend reportedly ordered an Uber car last Friday night so she could come visit him at his house in Orlando. The Smoking Gun reports that the woman told police that Botros told her she was pretty and then started driving erratically and kept “back tracking” en route to the woman’s destination.

The police report states that Botros then stopped his car, put his hands down her shirt and “touched her breasts in an aggressive manner.” The report goes on to say that the victim “was not wearing an undershirt or bra, so his hand touched her directly on her breast.”

The driver tried to play off his sexual advances off as if they were no big deal, but his passenger didn’t agree. She reportedly told him that she would hit him in the face if he tried to touch her breasts again. Using her phone, she recorded part of what the Uber driver was saying so she would have a record of the incident for police.

“Do not touch my boobs or I will hit you in your face!”

Apparently Botros didn’t think grabbing his passengers breasts was going to get him in trouble with the law. When the woman arrived at her boyfriend’s house, she asked the Uber driver for his business card so she could contract him again. The NY Daily News reports that he didn’t hesitate to give his card to the young woman before he drove away.

UBER driver arrested

The woman and her boyfriend immediately called the police and, after she picked Botros out in a lineup, the Uber driver was charged with a misdemeanor and booked into the county jail in Orlando. The Smoking Gun states that Ramy Botros was released from jail on a $500 bond five days after his arrest.

Uber has reportedly suspended Botros’ driver’s account and it’s likely that the young woman’s boyfriend won’t be calling the car service for his girlfriend ever again.