Kim Kardashian Tackled, Man Behind Prank Hopes She’s Not Mad

“Kim Kardashian tackled at Paris Fashion Week” was the headline no one saw coming.

On Thursday, video and photos hit the web showing a man, later identified as Vitalii Sediuk, rushing towards Kardashian as she and her husband, Kanye West, arrived to a fashion show with her mother, Kris Jenner. With dozens gathered around Kardashian’s vehicle, the moment made for quite the scary scene. Luckily, no one was injured.

According to reports, Sediuk lunged at Kardashian, grabbing her legs and attempting to pull her to the ground.

Hours later, Sediuk spoke out. The Kardashian tackled prank “was my protest that US banned me from entering the country,” Sediuk said in a Sept. 25 statement to E! News. “I hope Kim is ok and won’t be mad at me as I didn’t mean any harm. Kanye is one lucky man as Kim is a goddess!”

Weeks ago, Sediuk attempted to enter the United States but was denied, reportedly because of an altercation he had with Brad Pitt during the Los Angeles premiere of Maleficent in May.

“I have some sad news for me or maybe good news for others. US Customs and Border Protection banned me from entering The United States,” Sediuk wrote in a public statement regarding the incident. “I flew from Paris to Los Angeles on September 12. It was a transfer flight via Instanbul (Sep13) in Turkey. But on my way to the plane after my passport was checked, the security officer told me they received a paper from CBP (US Border Protection) not to let me on the flight. So I wasn’t able to fly to Los Angeles as my flight was cancelled without any refund.”

Despite reports claiming Sediuk pulled Kardashian’s hair during the Kardashian tackled prank, a source close to the prankster told UK’s Daily Mail there was no truth to the rumor. “The information about Vitalii pulling Kim’s hair is untrue,” the source stated. “Vitalii hugged Kim which caused a big crowding with the security that pulled him down to the ground. Because of the mess, Kim may have lost her balance. But Vitalii didn’t mean any harm.”

According to the report, Sediuk has also had run-ins with America Ferrera, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lopez.

Although Kardashian and West’s daughter, North West, is currently in Paris, she was, thankfully, not present at the time Kardashian was tackled.

For more of Kim Kardashian tacked at Paris Fashion Week, check out the video.

[Photo via Instagram]