WWE: CM Punk, AJ Lee Nude Photo Selfie Leaked By The Fappening?

Wife of CM Punk WWE Diva AJ Lee’s nude photos have allegedly been leaked by the internet network informally calling itself The Fappening. The Wrestling Observer‘s Dave Meltzer was the first person to point out the allegedly leaked photo, but people are scrutinizing AJ Lee’s tattoos because it’s highly likely the leaked photo is a fake.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, when CM Punk was officially listed by the WWE as one of John Cena’s rivals it seemed like it was possible that relations between the WWE and Phil Brooks were improving. Dolph Ziggler agrees that CM Punk should not say “never ever” to a WWE return and already there’s rumors that a new CM Punk WWE Studios film is in the works.

In real life, CM Punk and AJ Lee are really named Phil Brooks and April Jeanette Mendez. They value their privacy and, besides sharing details of their entertainment schedule on Twitter, they both have not been talking much about their private lives. So when a leaked photo from CM Punk and AJ Lee’s wedding made its way out onto the internet Phil was furious and berated anyone who dared to spread it further.

To put this in perspective, if the leaks of AJ Lee’s nude photos are real then CM Punk will really pop his cork this time. The wedding photo simply showed them smiling at the camera while wearing a suit and a wedding dress. As in, nothing scandalous at all. Based upon censored versions seen around the net, the leaked photo from The Fappening depicts AJ Lee nude from top to bottom while taking a selfie.

While some WWE fans are mortified that CM Punk’s wife has been outed in this fashion, others on Twitter are claiming it’s a fake that was circulating around earlier this year. The biggest piece of evidence would be the tattoos on the hip and and the wrist. While AJ Lee does indeed have a tattoo on her neck related to her long reign as WWE Divas Champion, she clearly did not have a wrist tattoo as of Night Of Champions 2014. Others may argue that the hip tattoo would be covered by AJ Lee’s trademark jean shorts, but it turns out no one needs to speculate any further on this matter.

It turns out there is indeed one person who highly resembles CM Punk’s wife in some photos. She also happens to have the exact same type of tattoos, although for propriety’s sake The Inquisitr obviously can’t show the second one.

Apparently, AJ Lee’s nude photo leak never happened because the photo is actually showing a selfie from porn star Lily Evans (hat tip to Twitter users for looking this up).

Although this photo is obviously fake, some celebrities first denied that the 4Chan leaked photos actually depicted them only to realize with embarrassment that they were real. There was also the real possibility that this photo could have been of a WWE Diva since The Fappening also allegedly leaked photos of Melina and Velvet Sky.