Castaway Survives Eight Days At Sea By Eating A Seagull

A castaway has revealed that he survived being stranded at sea for eight days by eating a seagull while standing inside a polystyrene box that kept him afloat.

43-year-old Raymundo Rodriguez Noyola was found just off the coast of Mexico, screaming at the top of his lungs and then waving his arms back and forth as he called for help. A yacht came to his rescue, and as it did someone onboard recorded the remarkable footage with his phone.

The bizarre yet incredible footage shows the man holding up the body of the dead bird that he had devoured in order to survive, before he then begins to tell the rescue crew about how he almost perished while out at sea. You can watch the clip at the foot of the page.

Noyola’s traumatic journey began when he was left stranded in the water after he sailed into a tropical storm and it began to ravage his boat. Ultimately the force became so ferocious that it capsized his boat and, during the fracas to abandon ship, Noyola’s colleague, 69-year-old Mario Morales Mayo, sadly drowned.

But even after Noyola had been able to pry himself out of sinking vessel, he then found himself getting pulled deeper under water by the deadly current that had begun to swirl around him. He was only able to stave off drowning when he grasped onto a polystyrene box that he somehow managed to pull himself inside of.

Noyola then began to coast across the vast water, all the while waiting and praying that a rescue boat would find him. He then started to eat anything that he could put his hands on. The meal that ultimately saved his life landed on him as he lay motionless inside his polystyrene abode. Noyola believes that it ventured onto his body because he thought he had died.

“I think he thought I was dead, and landed to see if there was any pickings.”

After finally being rescued six miles off the Isla de la Roqueta in Mexico, he then confessed that he had not only eaten the entire seagull, but that he had also consumed three other smaller birds as well as a turtle. The only injuries that were found on Noyola included deep burns. He was also desperately in need of water too.

Roberto Odis Vazquez, who captained the ship that rescued Noyola, stated, “He was delirious so we turned round and brought him back to shore immediately. He was taken to shore suffering dehydration and severe burns from the sun.”

You can check out the incredible rescue footage below.

[Image via Pinimg]