Kate Upton Jumps Into Bed, Goes Nude For Latest Shoot [PHOTOS]

Kate Upton looks damn good in bed -- that much should be obvious. But Sam Edlemen took it a step further with some glorious shots of Upton for his new commercial.

Kate got things going by posting a sultry teaser photo last month to her Instagram account with the caption "Love my new @sam_edelman fall campaign! Thanks to @mertalas and @macpiggott for the amazing shots!"

But then Sam Edleman himself posted a video to his Instagram account sure to whet Upton's fan base even further:

Sam captioned the photo: "Introducing the #SamEdelman #FW14 Campaign Video! Shot by @mertalas and @macpiggott Featuring @kateupton on set wearing the 'Smithfield,' the 'Pompei,' the 'Kayla' and more... Get the #FW14Campaign look at SamEdelman.com."

E! News meanwhile, took fans behind-the-scenes of the Kate Upton shoot where Kate rocked nothing but a bed sheet and a pair of high heels. Upton was certainly excited about the product itself in the footage:

"You walk on set and you're like 'Who designed this? What is this? It's amazing!" Upton gushes during the behind the scenes look.

But while her props may have excited her, not all is right in Upton world at the moment. First, Kate was part of nude photo leak scandal last month, as reported by Inquistr.

The photos in question showed the 22-year-old posing naked in a bathroom with her MLB boyfriend Justin Verlander. In the alleged photos Kate can be seen showing off her breasts and nether regions in a series of sultry selfies. Along with stars Jennifer Lawrence, Gabriel Union and more, Upton is now threatening legal action according to Radar Online.

Then there is the supposed feud with fellow super model Cara Delevingne. According to OK! Magazine, a war of words has begun with the pair exchanging insults over what they see as a failure in the other woman's body type. For their October 6 issue OK! reported that Cara hates Kate's full figured beauty, while Kate has seemingly little regret over her body type. In fact, according to an insider at OK!, Kate fully embraces her larger frame:

"Kate takes her modeling career seriously, but she feels beautiful with a little extra weight on," says the source. "She also loves food and doesn't beat herself up over having a slice of pizza every now and then."

And clearly that has not stopped her from continuing her already successful modeling career. According to the Daily Mirror, Kate Upton has teamed up with some of the hottest Victoria's Secret models around for a very racy nude photo book.

Kate Upton Poses With Victoria's Secret odels for Nude Photo Book

[ Kate Upton photos courtesy Anton Oparin / Shutterstock.com, The Daily Mirror ]