California Voters Keep Gay History Law, Shoot Down Repeal

Gay rights advocates in California are celebrating today after a vote to repeal the “gay history law” failed to gather enough votes to overturn the ruling. The gay history law requires public schools to teach about the contributions gay people have made throughout American history.

If the vote would have passed the repeal would have been placed on the next cycle of election ballots.

Because the repeal vote did not meet the required number of votes the law will go into effect in January 2012, while analysts believe it will be challenged once again for a spot on the November 2012 ballot.

One Stop SB48 group member said of the failure:


“In the end, 90 days was too short a time to accomplish such a large task,” while they told supporters “While we did not overturn this very bad law, we built a small army of dedicated volunteers that collected an incredible amount of signatures. There will be a next battle.”

Given the support for gay rights in California the group will likely face an uphill battle to overturn the law in the state, especially after it has already been in place for nine month come the November 2012 elections.

I personally want my kids to know as much about U.S. history as possible, as long as the accomplishments of those people are not framed as “and here’s what a gay guy did.” Are you for or against the gay history law?