Baby Locked In Car By Grandma: 5-Month-Old Infant Found Inside Vehicle Alone In Parking Lot

A baby was locked in a car by her grandmother so she could go watch a movie. The incident happened in Tyler, Texas on Wednesday. 49-year-old Felicia Green was arrested by police and taken in on child endangerment charges.

KWTX reports that firefighters unlocked the car door and removed the infant. Police say she was inside the vehicle for about an hour.

The infant was asleep in the back seat of the car when police were called to Carmike Cinemas. Temperatures were in the mid-70s when the 5-month-old was discovered. Staff at the movie theater helped authorities to locate the baby’s grandmother. Green told police that she was babysitting her granddaughter. No other information was revealed as to why she left the baby locked in her car. The majority of people who leave kids inside cars by themselves say they forgot about them being in the back seat, or that they didn’t want to disturb the baby’s sleep.

Click 2 Houston reports that Green is being held without bond. Police didn’t release the name of the person who alerted them to the infant left inside the car. Green is now at Smith County Jail. No attorney has been named for Green at this time.

Texas Child Protective Services is investigating. The infant was released to another relative, according to the report.

No additional information at this time is known about the incident involving Felicia Green and her granddaughter.

The Inquisitr has informed readers of several other events like this in which adults leave children in cars unattended, and worse yet, inside a vehicle with soaring high temperatures. A dad recently left his child in a car so he could go gamble at a casino.

Over the summer, a shocking number of adults in responsible positions have left young children in cars by themselves. Many of them gave various reasons, with the most hard to believe excuse being that they forgot about the child sitting in the back seat of the car. A lot of reports of foster parents, relatives, and even a nanny have made the news for leaving infants and children under the age of five inside a vehicle in hot temperatures. Many people think if they keep the car running so they can quickly run an errand, that it’s okay to leave them in the car since the air conditioner is running.

Why the grandmother would leave a baby locked in a car for nearly an hour is a mystery at this point.

[Photo Credit: Nina Smith County Sheriff’s Office via NY Daily News]