10-Year-Old Boys Reportedly Accused Of Sexually Assaulting A 5-Year-Old Boy On A School Bus

The mother of a five-year-old boy attending the W.G. Pearson Magnet Elementary School has come forward with shocking allegations. According to The Durham News, she is accusing three 10-year-old boys of sexually assaulting her son. The incident reportedly took place in the back of a school bus a couple of weeks ago.

The mother initially contacted the Raleigh-Durham news publication Qué Pasa on Sept. 11 with a graphic account of the alleged incident. Although the allegations have yet to be confirmed, what she had to say was quite shocking.

When her son got off the bus that particular day, other children told her he was forced to perform oral sex on three 10-year-old boys, reports News Observer. He was reportedly hit in the stomach by one of the boys, while another boy put his foot in his neck and told him “he had to do it.” The children also stated that the boys also performed oral sex on him.

She immediately contacted the school to report the claims. Although school administrators allegedly told her they’d contact the police, she learned the next day that no police report existed. So, she took matters into her own hands by filing a report.

“My son is the victim here, and this is going to stick with him forever. That is more what is worrying for me.”

On Wednesday, Sept. 24, official statements were released by school administrators and the Durham Police Department.

“As warranted, appropriate law enforcement action will be taken and support services provided to help ensure the welfare of all minors involved,” said Police Chief Jose Lopez.

Chrissy Pearson, Chief Communications Officer for the Durham Public School System, also released a statement in reference to the alleged incident. Although she refused to offer specified details about the investigation due to student privacy concerns, she did confirm that an investigation is in progress. She also expressed how serious school administrators are about the mother’s claims, reports WRAL.

“Any allegations of this sort are taken very seriously, and our full attention is given to investigating this thoroughly. Any time one of our students reports misconduct on a school bus or anywhere else, we act quickly, as our students’ health and safety are our top priority.”

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