Skirt Size Can Be Linked To Breast Cancer?

A recent study performed by researchers at the Institute For Women’s Health at the University College London indicates that an increase in a woman’s skirt size between her age of mid 20s to early 60s could also mean an increased chance of getting breast cancer, as reported by BBC News.

The outlet reveals that the study was performed on approximately 90,000 women in London between the ages of 50 and 60. Over a period of three years, 1,090 of those women developed breast cancer. The researchers found that “a unit increase in skirt size every 10 years, such as going from a size 12 to a size 14, was linked to a 33 percent increased risk of breast cancer.”

The researchers also report that “going up two skirt sizes” during that time frame was linked to an even greater risk of 77 percent.”

Fox News breaks it down a little further by stating that “the risk that a postmenopausal woman will develop breast cancer over the next five years increases from 1 in 61 to 1 in 51 with one skirt-size increase over a 10-year period, the researchers said. (About 1 percent of women in the study developed breast cancer.)”

Weight gain in women has always been a factor in an increased risk for breast cancer. However, other factors have also been used as barometers, such as body mass index (BMI), a family history of breast cancer, and the use of hormone replacement therapy.

Simon Vincent of Breakthrough Breast Cancer tells BBC News, “We know that 40 percent of breast cancers could be prevented by changes to lifestyle such as being regularly active and maintaining a healthy weight. This study highlights an easy way to monitor your weight gain over time. Women are more likely to remember their skirt size when they were younger than their BMI.”

This new study coincides with other studies in the fact that having increased belly fat increases the risk for cancer. That’s because fat in the waist area is more harmful than any other fat found in the body because it is more metabolically active. Fox News reports the researchers as saying that the extra fat is known to “increase levels of estrogen, a hormone that can promote breast cancer tumor growth.”

Still, the research still needs to be examined further, and there are limitations, such as women being able to remember exactly their skirt size decades prior, as stated by Tom Stansfeld of Cancer Research UK. He also tells BBC News he believes the study is unreliable due to the fact that dress sizes have changed over the years.

Skirt sizes also vary from one designer to another. A woman could wear a size 2 in one designer skirt, and can turn around and wear a size 6 in a skirt by another designer, all in one day.

Stansfeld encourages women to have a healthy lifestyle in order to decrease their risk.

“Evidence tells us the most important things you can do to reduce breast cancer risk, especially after the menopause, is to keep a healthy weight, be physically active as often as you can, and cut down on alcohol. Keeping a healthy weight is important to help reduce breast cancer risk after the menopause, and looking at skirt sizes to help women understand this is interesting, but knowing if you’re overweight is more important.”

Most women, especially those who have been pregnant at least once, will have an increased skirt size. Was this taken into consideration? Are there many women at all who have not at least gone up one skirt size over a period of 30 years? I sincerely doubt it.

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