Rachel McAdams Might Have Landed Lead In ‘True Detective 2’

Is Rachel McAdams on her way to scoring her first promising lead role in a television series? The race is still on to see who will score the female lead in the second season of True Detective, but now we might be on the edge of finding out who’s really at the head of the pack.

According to Variety, Rachel McAdams came out on top, and has been offered a lead role in True Detective alongside Colin Farrell and antagonist Vince Vaughn. Although it’s not official yet, sources say that McAdams is very close to closing her deal with the Emmy-nominated HBO series.

As rumored, Variety reports that Taylor Kitsch is in the fourth lead role. It’s not a surprise that everyone in Hollywood wants a piece of the True Detective pie. After all, this show helped Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson with an enormous career boost, and garnered a few Emmy nominations as well.

As for McAdams, she’s been flailing over the last few years. Following her role in The Notebook, the actress has been typecast as romantic leads in films that inevitably go nowhere. A once promising young actress on the top of everyone’s lists, leads like Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain have scored lead roles in films that she could have went after if given the chance. Even when she tried to jump out of her comfort zone, McAdams’ talents were wasted in undercooked thrillers.

A role in the second season of True Detective seems to be the project for an actress of her caliber to put all her eggs in, especially when McAdams was expected to be on a completely different trajectory in her career by now. This move might be the smartest decision she’s made since the 2004 film Mean Girls.

In addition to McAdams, The Inquisitr reported that other hopefuls like Jessica Biel, Malin Ackerman, and Brit Marling were after the lead role. Variety reports despite those names, Rachel has been on top of the list for weeks.

“McAdams was about to start filming Spotlight, the drama revolving around the Catholic Church sex scandal uncovered by the Boston Globe, and it was unknown whether dates could be worked out for McAdams to do this and “True Detective.” Sources now say that in the past 24 hours a deal was worked out where the actress could do both projects.”

Looks like we have the whole cast set for Season 2.

[Image via Entertainment One]