Bad Parking Job: Think Twice Before Double Parking, You May End Up On The Internet

You probably see rude drivers and their bad parking jobs on a daily basis, and chances are it drives you bonkers. Well, we have some creative suggestions to make you feel better. Don’t worry — nothing violent here.

When you are trying to find a parking spot in a crammed lot, there is nothing that drives people crazier than rude drivers who don’t seem to know how to park between clearly marked lines. Even though we’re not sure whether these inconsiderate people are out to make everyone furious and frustrated, we can imagine it’s not really done on purpose, but the result is the same.

Somebody actually took the time to document and share photos of the worst parking jobs ever. The best part about these photos is how affected drivers, who are just trying to find a single spot to park their vehicles, have the nerve to confront the bad parker, even after the fact. There is pleasure in taking matters into your own hands, as shown in these great photos shared on Distractify.

Double parking will box you in or shame you at the very least, and though it could result in dents in the blocker’s car, if you are not too persnickety, it may be worth it. You think this guy was annoyed when he came back to his car?

double parking
double parked car

Getting a s*** parking award could make you think twice before you do a bad job in the parking lot. These people were so upset they took the time to really make their point.

shit parking job award

Another tactic to teach bad parking job offenders a lesson is blocking them in. That will certainly leave a lasting impression, and they may stop doing it altogether. Why would anyone park like this in an almost empty parking lot?

block bad parking job

Parking against the natural design of the parking lot won’t make you any friends either, as was apparent in this case. The bad parker was still blocked in, and probably didn’t get to leave on time.

bad parking job sideways

Leaving messages for the bad parking job owners is the ultimate shaming, and sure to be noticed by pedestrians and other motorists. Some clever ways to embarrass those who don’t know how to be thoughtful follow.

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bad parking job note1
bad parking job notes
bad parking job princess
bad parking job special
bad parking job story
bad parking job winner
bad parking job asshole

After reading this article, before you decide to do a bad parking job, think about the possible consequences of your actions. You may end up on the internet. Let’s just park in between the lines, there’s plenty of room for your car there.

[Image via Reddit]