The Queen Forbids Duchess Kate From Wearing Britney Spears’ Lingerie Undies Collection

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton may have been a prime choice to try out Britney Spears’ new Intimate Lingerie collection, but in a swift second The Queen apparently handed down a royal decree (sort of): Britney’s panties will not see the light of day on Duchess Kate’s bottom — or top.

Spears has been jetting all over the globe promoting her new line of sexy women sleepwear for those wishing to get their inner-tigress on. Since Britney is on a break from her Las Vegas residency, is giving music a rest and recently gone through another breakup, she’s putting all of her energy into her new line of intimates.

While in London this week unveiling her sleek and lacy women undergarments, BSpears shared a rather ambitious desire with the media: she wants Kate Middleton to model her raunchy lingerie collection. So guess what she did? You hit it on the nose: Britney packed up 10 styles (one of every offering) and shipped them off to the royal mommy-to-be.

“I would love to see Kate in my underwear designs. That would be splendid. I’m going to send her one of every piece, so she’ll have plenty to choose from.”

It’s not clear if Britney hopes Duchess Kate Middleton models the negliges for her Prince William in the privacy of their boudoir, or if she expects the pregnant duchess to oblige her and take to the catwalk. Well, the world knows Britney Spears is not that innocent, and Kate, despite being a royal enchantress, is a human being first — and a good-looking one to boot, even if she is suffering from morning sickness.

But here is where the rubber meets the road. According to the folks at Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Queen Elizabeth has strict orders that forbid Kate Middleton from having Britney’s lace collection anywhere near her royal skin. Evidently, the British monarch got wind about Spears trying to pawn her line off on her daughter-in-law and nearly had a coronary.

Can you imagine Kate strutting around in sheer bottoms with crotchet edges and a bra with crafted embellishments? The chances in that happening are low, like chances of lightning striking in the same place low. Mind you, there’s always the occasional photoshop or another Kate Middleton wardrobe malfunction. Who can forget that dark moment in Kate’s life and that dastardly bare bottom photo?

Listen, Britney Spears has to be given credit for thinking big in her quest to have Duchess Kate Middleton model her for-his-eyes-only wear. But with Williams’ gran-gran against the idea, forget about it. Besides, a pregnant Kate has too much to do before the baby or twins arrive.

[Image via: fanpop]