Rob Schneider, Fired From State Farm Commercials For Anti-Vaccine Stance, Fires Back

Comedian Rob Schneider was hired by State Farm to peddle insurance, but when customers started to point out that State Farm was inadvertently promoting Schneider’s anti-vaccination views, he was let go. Now Rob Schneider is taking to social media to complain about State Farm’s decision.

“If the Freedom of Speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter,” George Washington

— Rob Schneider (@RobSchneider) September 24, 2014

The series of State Farm commercials featured Rob Schneider bringing back his character “The Richmeister” from Saturday Night Live, according to News Max, and didn’t mention vaccines at all.

However, Rob Schneider, like Jenny McCarthy, is one of a handful of entertainers who hold anti-vaccine views. In fact, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the L.A. area’s wealthy West Side has so many anti-vaccination believers that public schools in the area report the vaccination rates among their schools is “dangerously low.” Schneider himself has not been quiet about the vaccination controversy.

“The idea that vaccines don’t injure people is a fallacy. Two billion dollars have been paid out to people who have been vaccine injured or died in the United States. This is a real thing.”

The backlash against the Rob Schneider State Farm ads began almost immediately, with customers calling on the insurance giant to ditch Rob Schneider as a spokesperson. One opponent of the anti-vaccination movement even created a parody video.

State Farm unwittingly found itself in the midst of a political controversy, and decided that the best move was to pull the ads featuring Schneider.

“State Farm advertising is intended to inform and entertain. This particular ad has unintentionally been used as a platform for discussion unrelated to the products and services we provide. With that, we are working to remove the ad from our rotation at this time.

This is not the first time a business has unwillingly found itself mired in a political controversy being played out on social media. Earlier this month, according to this Inquisitr report, a pro gun-control group used social media to put pressure on grocery chain Kroger to ban guns in its stores.

As for Rob Schneider, he is publicly thanking his fans.

Thanks to all my supporters who believe as I do that parents should decide what’s in the best interests of their child, not Gov’t mandates. — Rob Schneider (@RobSchneider) September 25, 2014

Do you think State Farm made the right decision in dropping its “Richmeister” ads because of Rob Schneider’s anti-vaccination beliefs? Let us know what you think below.

[Image courtesy of: Market Me Not]