Jesse Matthew, Suspect in Hannah Graham Case, Taken Into Custody

Jesse Matthew, the suspect in the UVA missing student case, was arrested yesterday in Galveston, Texas, and charged with abduction with intent to defile.

Jesse Matthew has been wanted by authorities ever since they searched his car and apartment for clues on the whereabouts of Hannah Graham. Hannah Graham, a sophomore at the University of Virginia, has been missing since September 13. Jesse Matthew so far has been the only suspect identified in the case. Texas highway technology was instrumental in tracking Matthew down.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jesse Matthew has been sought by the police since September 20, after he sped away and avoided speaking to authorities about whatever knowledge he may have on Hannah Graham’s disappearance. Matthew instead turned up at the police station, requested a lawyer, and left in haste. Police believe that Jesse Matthew was the last person to be seen with Graham before she disappeared. Surveillance footage shows the two walking together, Jesse’s arm around Hannah’s shoulder, as they walked to a bar together. One eyewitness said that the man she saw walking with Hannah looked like someone she was familiar with.

“People saw Hannah, and people saw him and people saw them together,” stated Police Chief Timothy Longo, according to the Washington Post.

Jesse Matthew went into the bar, purchased alcohol, and can be seen on surveillance footage leaving the bar in an orange 1998 Chrysler Coupe. Police searched the car as well as the suspect’s apartment for forensic evidence tying Hannah to the scene, as they believe she may have been in the car when Jesse Matthew left the bar. Though there was no release of information relating to what exactly was found, it can be assumed that whatever it was was enough for the police to charge Matthew. Charlottesville Police obtained a warrant for Jesse’s arrest on Tuesday afternoon, and the arrest was made just one day later. Jesse Matthew was found hiding in a tent on a Texas beach. It is reported that Jesse Matthew gave up himself willingly.

Jesse Matthew has been described by several persons as being quiet and easy-going. According to WJLA, Dave Hansen, who’d met Matthew while serving as an assistant Pastor some 11 years ago, described him as being a “gentle giant.” Recent reports, however, state that Jesse Matthew has had brushes with the law several times before. The Christian Post, the Daily Mail, and other sources report that Jesse Matthew was expelled from Liberty University, a Christian College in Virginia, after rape allegations were formed against him. These charges were later dropped owing to a lack of sufficient evidence.

The Charlottesville Police Chief is encouraging everyone to help in any way possible with the investigations to find Hannah Graham. He stated that persons with large parcels of land especially can help by searching their properties.

“This case is nowhere near over. We have a person in custody but we have a long road ahead of us and that long road includes finding Hannah Graham.”

Thanks to a concerned but anonymous donor, the reward for finding Graham has been raised to $100,000. If you have any information pertaining to this investigation, contact the police tipline on 434-295-3851.

[Image Source: New England Cable News]