FBI Officials Arrest Celebrity Hacker Suspect

James Johnson

FBI officials have arrested one suspect in the celebrity hacking ring which has placed naked pictures of actresses online for the world to see.

The arrest comes several weeks after the phone of Scarlett Johansson was hacked and naked photos of the A-List actress were published online.

The FBI Operation "Hackerazzi" has not named which celebrities had been hacked and a news conference is scheduled for sometime Wednesday afternoon where more information will be released.

FBI officials have been investigating a possible Hollywood hacking ring for more than a year however the issue heated up after the Johansson photos surfaced on the internet and hackers continued to mock their victims.

When FBI officers began their probe they were searching on behalf of actresses and other Hollywood figures who believed their information had been compromised.

While a single group has come forward to claim the hacking breaches officials warn that those claims have never been verified. What we do know is that reports have surfaced in which other unnamed celebrities have been victimized by the hackers even though their compromising photos have not yet been leaked to the press.

If there's one thing I've learned from LulzSec and other recent hacking scandals it's that most hackers get caught, especially when they practically throw themselves into the public spotlight.