Christina Aguilera’s Weight Gain: From Skinny to Curvy to Fat?

Can this genie fit back in the bottle? Christina Aguilera’s body has gone through several stages since her career began. From her sultry look at the start of her career, to her luscious curves as she solidified herself as a diva, to whatever showed up at the Michael Jackson tribute concert last weekend.

Aguilera has been slammed for her weight gain over the last couple of days. But is it really that bad? Maybe it was just the skimpy outfit she chose to wear.

Aguilera belted through Jackson hits like “Dirty Diana” and “Smile” during the tribute concert, but all anyone was talking about after her performance was the way that she looked.

Here is a video of Aguilera performing “Dirty Diana.”

A lot of news outlets have reported on Aguilera’s weight gain, which according to the IBTimes has only been 15 pounds, but people are being cautious about calling the singer fat. That doesn’t mean that people are refraining from hurling insults at the singer. Buzzfeed even did a post about the “5 most frightening” pictures of Aguilera during the performance.

Some celebrities have also insulted Aguilera’s figure.

Kelly Osbourne, who was a little bitter about being teased about her weight, said:

“[Christina] called me fat for so many f—ing years. F— you, you’re fat, too. Maybe she is just becoming the fat b—h she was born to be.”

What do you think about Christina Aguilera’s weight gain? Has the star stepped into Axl Rose territory? After all, she did run up an $8000 bar tab after the concert.